I am a revenue strategist who loves helping entrepreneurial authors and writers create products, services, and live events that help their clientele to express and experience more love, vitality, joy, peace and prosperity. 

I'm happy to support you in building a life + business  that allows you to be yourself, without apology. 

Our work together involves mixing and matching elements from one or more of the following revenue models (profit centers):

  1. Publishing centric (create digital and physical information products)

  2. Coaching/Consulting centric (individual/group coaching, masterminds, VIP days, etc.)

  3. Speaking centric (create "experiences")  (online – webinars, teleseminars, virtual conferences, etc.)  (Offline – live events, bootcamps, workshops, conferences, trade shows, etc.)

  4. Continuity/Community centric (create an association and/or membership program)

  5. Training centric (create an online/offline academy, licensing or certification program)

As a Result, You Will Earn More, Breakthrough your Income Plateau and/or Increase Your Prices!


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