The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Creating Money was created because I’m tired of watching female writers and aspiring authors spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, listening to coaches, consultants, speakers, and trainers who don’t tell the truth.

The truth is that marketing is required to grow a successful and sustainable business.

The truth is that you must be seen, heard, and known in the marketplace as a trusted leader in your area of expertise.

The truth is that “winging it” and/or “spinning in and out of perfectionism”, are both unhealthy ways to own and operate a business.

If your entrepreneurial income is inconsistent, join The Creating Money Marketing Mastermind. You will discover how to design and implement - with EASE - a strategic marketing plan that honors you AND your readers.

Creating Money is designed to give you permission to be yourself without apology and to offer your products, services, and programs without being pushy or salesy.

Take my hand, let’s infuse more creativity, clarity, joy, beauty, connection, conversation and compensation into your business.

The Creating Money Marketing Mastermind Experience might be perfect for you if:

You are ready to stop hiding. You are ready to live out loud and on purpose!

You are committed to breaking the chains of under-earning! You need money to help yourself and others.

You desire to attract clients eager to pay for your time, talent and expertise.

Desire strategic clarity in your business structure so that you are positioned to experience a revenue breakthrough.

You’re ready to implement ideas and step into action.

Crave sisterhood and a true connection on a soul level, where you feel a part of something bigger, more meaningful, more impactful..

You want to establish a business rooted in personal sovereignty so you can stay connected to your inner wisdom and authentic brand voice.


One LIVE Business Development Masterclass a month so you know exactly how to attract your ideal clients. ($15,000 value)

Bi-Monthly LIVE OFFICE HOURS to answer your questions about best practices, business model design, content creation, marketing and sales strategies. (priceless)

Monthly strategic marketing calendar + virtual lessons on how to establish authority, influence, visibility and credibility in your area of expertise. The online coursework can be done on your own time. ($10,000 value)

Creating Money Investment:

The monthly investment for CREATING MONEY is $999.00

You may cancel your subscription at anytime.

Program Dates

Begin anytime. All subscriptions will automatically renew monthly, with the day you enroll being the first day of your month of membership.

Program Length

The Creating Money Marketing Mastermind is a monthly commitment. 

People who make the year-long commitment tend to get the best results. 

When you’re in it for the long-haul, you’ve got more invested in getting the results you want. And the financial investment is small compared to what the return on your investment could be. 

Imagine waking up and knowing exactly what steps to take to move your business and life forward. And if you get stuck, there is a community of like-minded, intelligent, talented , and heart-centeredfemale entrepreneurs that have your back: ready and willing to help, inspire, encourage you, and cheer you on to get you back on track fast.

Are Individual Coaching Sessions Included?

No. There are weekly Office Hours. You will have the opportunity to ask for the support that you need to implement the strategies being discussed.

Refund Policy

All of your payments, including your initial deposit, are non-refundable. We encourage you to make a thoughtful, well-researched decision about whether to invest in Creating Money or not.

  • Please read ALL the  information on this page.

  • Keep in mind that you’ll be working within a supportive community to inspire, create momentum, and do this work, together.

  • Read the testimonials from my past clients and students.

  • Please shop mindfully. Please carefully consider the value you place on creating a business that honors you and those whom you are meant to serve.

Not sure if you’re going to like working with me? Worried you’ll regret making a purchase?

Please spend some time exploring my articlesworkbooks and videos all of which are free.

Get to know me. If you like what you see, here on this website, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like the experience of working with me as well.

The CREATING MONEY Marketing Mastermind is about stepping fully into your divine purpose, healing hearts and expanding minds.

It’s about your work, your word, and your mark on the world.

Be warned: There will be lots of laughter and loving support.

All of your payments are non-refundable.

We encourage you to make a thoughtful, well-researched decision about whether to invest in Creating Money or not.