When Kadena Speaks…

Transformation Happens.

Speaker Style

Kadena Tate is an audience-centric speaker.

I don’t stand in front of the room and preach or teach. 

I’d rather keep it real and show you how you can radically transform your business.

Therefore, you, as an audience member will walk away feeling seen, heard, and understood.

You will also walk away with clarity about implementation.

Speaker Topics


Invite Kadena to bring one of her popular programs to your company, association, or conference. Choose from the topics listed below, or ask Kadena to suggest a topic that meets the needs of your group.

Dare to Prosper – Master Your Mindset, Master Your Income, Master Your Destiny

The Quick and Easy Way to Free the Writer Within and Create Your Own Information Empire

How to Turn Your Info-Product into Instant Cash!


ask kadena

“How do I make my service-oriented business model scalable?

“How can an entrepreneur design a business model that provides built-in protection from competition?”

“Some months I earn way more money than others. How do I produce consistent, recurring revenues?”

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