Cultivating Courage

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What would you do next quarter if you had enough courage to do it?

What possibilities would open up in front of you?

Would you write a book that you know will educate, uplift, encourage and inspire all who read it?

Would you create an audio, video or multi-media experience so that your wisdom is packaged for profit?

Would you create an academy, association, online academy or mastermind as a way of connecting hearts and expanding minds?

Whatever it is you desire, you can cultivate the courage for making it happen as long as you are willing to rake off the mask of perfection and pretense.



The word “courage” comes from the Old French word “corage” and the Latin word “cor” both of which mean “heart.”

And unlike popular belief, courage isn’t solely about “being brave” or “lacking fear” in the face of danger, risk or change.

True courage is also about hearing your heart, listening to its voice telling you what you’re hungry for, and doing what needs to be done – even when you feel vulnerable or afraid.

We live in a world that values conformity. Everything, from the books you read to the clothes you wear to the zip code you live in, has roots in what your friends & peers are or aren’t doing.

There’s nothing wrong in having the same tastes as your friends, but what happens when those similarities start to eclipse your true being?

Growing the courage to be who you are is having the moxie to do the inner work that determines your dreams, your passions, your values, and your fire.


People are making an investment in themselves through you.

They are investing in your products, services and programs for emotional, not rational reasons.

Therefore the words that you speak or write must open their hearts and expand their minds.

The power of your personality lies in how boldly and brightly you express your unique gifts.

And we all know that you can’t fully express those gifts until you know what they are, right?

P.S. I’m not saying that a copywriter can’t capture your voice, but what I am saying is that no one can speak your truth from their hearts in the same way that you can.


Being who you are, who you really are, starts with conscious self-knowledge. You have to dive deep for the diamonds and pearls that form the hidden treasure of your soul, and you have to keep diving until you hit solid gold.

This means you have to get the noise of your social conditioning out of the way, and that’s where the courage comes in. 


It takes courage to show up and tell the truth.

I wrote the book "Be Fearless" and the companion writing prompts below to cultivate courage  within myself and to support those whom I've been called to serve.

Are you brave enough to carve your own path? 

Are you bold enough to elevate the voice of your intuition over the voice of your conformity and fear?


To support your efforts, I’ve designed a series of writing prompts, inspirational posts and business tips that will help you to take the deep dive into the creative abyss.

TIP! —> Look within. Trust that you are worthy and deserving of the desires of your heart.

By journaling responses to these prompts, your inner wisdom will reveal the path to being yourself, without apology.

You are invited to pull out your journal. Your responses to these prompts can be used to write website copy, articles, speeches, social media posts, etc.

Let’s Get Started!