Your Deluxe Business Is Not A Charity

I know you have a huge heart. A deep soul. You have the craft and genius to transform your clients and customers when you share your gifts with them. You long to help all the people and do all the things because that’s why you’re in business, right?

But you’re restless in your bones. Itchy in your soul. Flickering dimly like a candle about to go out instead of shining brightly like the sun. 

Why? Because you’re treating your deluxe business like a charity, and it’s breaking your heart.

Look, I get it. You want to help so badly that you often lower your standards, take on the wrong clients, and discount your genius. You flail around in the shallow end of the pool while you ache for the space and depth to show off your skills and fancy moves. And your business is not where you want it to be because you aren’t where you want to be.

This is your wakeup call to get off the hamster wheel, breathe deep, and begin again.

Your deluxe business demands more. Your growth demands more. Your dream clients and customers demand more. And it’s time to align with more so you can glide into the abundance you desire.

I’ve been where you are. Bleeding myself dry because I was stuck in a cycle of over-giving and under-earning. Sacrificing my joy, exuberance, and impact because I was hesitant to walk in my power, play a bigger game, and grow into my role as an influencer. Spiralling into bankruptcy and foreclosure because everything fell apart and I had nothing to hold me up.

Please hear me clearly: You don’t have to run your business like a charity so other people can call you a generous woman or a good person. There’s nothing good or generous about being unable to pay your bills or feeling like your clients are taking advantage of you! You can have firm boundaries and still serve from your overflow because you take exquisite care of yourself and your business. 

Stop giving everything away for free or offering steep discounts just to get clients in the door. Stop trying to be all things to all people and making their problems and hang-ups your own. Stop stifling your growth and expansion because you’re afraid to offend anyone or turn away nightmare clients. 

You’re here to shine, to soar, and to unfurl into your truest self. You’re here to grow and enjoy a deluxe business that keeps you in the black andgives extraordinary value. You’re here to serve your dream clients and customers with a full heart, a happy soul, and a joyful spirit.

This means having healthy boundaries that protect you from energy vampires, bargain hunters, and people who just can’t or won’t do the work. It means having a robust revenue stream that pays your bills, supports your dream lifestyle, and allows personal or business philanthropy. 

It’s so important to act like you operate a deluxe business, not a charity. You don’t have to go broke just to prove that you’re generous. You don’t have to ride roughshod over your values and boundaries just to say yes when you should say no. You don’t have to settle for peanuts when you could have pearls instead. You can decide what you will and won’t allow so you don’t feel like a prisoner or beggar in your own business. 

Yes, you have the skills to make a difference. You have the big dreams, flaming desire, and vibrant vision to spark radical transformation in your clients and customers. You have the platform to house your genius and attract the right people. Brava!

But you can’t stop there. Take the time to pinpoint what makes you special and rare in your niche. Clarify the results you deliver so you can place them front and center as you close more sales. Study your craft inside out so you can separate yourself from the pack and charge premium prices for your deluxe services. Be crystal clear on who your dream clients and customers are that your velvet rope keeps out everyone who doesn’t meet your criteria.

If you’re struggling to define what makes you rare, who you’re here to serve, or how to package your results for maximum impact, I invite you to explore my group marketing mastermind, Creating Money.

Together we’ll infuse more creativity, clarity, joy, and beauty into your business. You’ll learn to celebrate yourself, own your gifts, and elevate your business from dull to deluxe. You’ll have a sisterhood of brilliant women cheering you on and challenging you to play a bigger game. And you’ll have me pouring into you so you can pour into your dream clients and customers. 

You’ve spun your wheels long enough. Cried long enough. Ached long enough. Enough!

Join the Creative Money Marketing Mastermind to soothe your weary heart, breathe new life into your business, and make your bottom line healthy again.

Shall we dance?