Set Your Sights on Business Success

Welcome to Set Your Sights on Business Success

Quick Disclaimer- 

As an adult learner, you have a myriad of life experiences. During this call, I am asking you to curb your cynicism and the need to be right or have everything figured out. You are not expected to believe anything that I say.

Try my suggestions if they give voice to your inner desires.

Kindly write me a testimonial if you’ve experienced growth, expansion, and transformation. I am eager to see the magic and miracles that we can create together. 

My name is Kadena Tate. 

My superpower is creative vision. I teach service-oriented professionals – association executives, authors, writers, coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers – how to take who they are and what they know and package that into multiple offerings.

I create tools + experiences that you need in order to be abundant and successful in getting your work out to the world where you can help others.


Today’s agendais to quench your thirst for knowledge and answers about how to create money with ease as an entrepreneur.

1st, I’ll share the Creating Money Framework

2nd, as a result, you will walk away with clarity around the power of sovereignty and creative self-expression and the role they play in your success


Let’s take a look at the Creative Money Framework

There are 5 components that we will explore during our time together:

  1. Core values. (Foundation)

  2. Creation (Signature Offer)

  3. Connection (Content Creation/Strategy)

  4. Conversation (Marketing)

  5. Collaboration  (Sales)


Before we get into the presentation, allow me to share a quick story:

I’m from New Orleans, originally.

And I was raised in a military household…

I’ll never forget three things my parents told me to remember when I was growing up:

Service before self. A true leader ALWAYS works in the highest interest of all parties involved.

Excellence in thought, word and deed. Walk your talk and talk your walk.

Integrity. Do the right thing — even when no one’s watching.

These three principles still influence every area of my life and work today.

The foundation of the creative money framework are your core values. 

As an entrepreneurial leader, you are invited to create a world where people are safe, secure, and can enjoy a sense of love and belonging. 

You have a purpose. And your words and actions hold power.

Power to change another person’s life. Power to impact the thoughts of another. 

Power to make a difference in the world one word at a time. 

And it all begins with you. Please take the time to clarify the value of how you show up and what you are willing to contribute. 


What is the easiest way to accomplish this? 

Write down the 3-5 values that you honor and represent daily.

Give yourself permission to  ask yourself the questions that go beyond the bottom line: Is this in tune with my values? Will this action/decision/project make me a happier, wiser person? Am I showing up in my highest truth and bringing all of myself to the table? Does this feel good?


I don’t believe in competition. I believe you can position yourself in such a way that you’re in a category all by yourself. And that’s what I strive to do Every. Damn. Day.

Doing what you love, and having the money follow ONLY works if you have a system. Your signature product, service, program and approach is the tool that gives you the ability to leapfrog the market and make the idea of competition irrelevant. 

Taking the time to create a signature process that gives birth to change and transformation is a mutually beneficial endeavor.


Branding your signature offering involves 3 main components:

  1. Your dream customers

  2. The results or benefits for your dream customers

  3. How you position your offering in the market

Allow me to do a quick overview: 

  1. Your ideal client.  

    Understanding your customer in every way possible will help you market your business in a way that gains their attention.

    When you demonstrate that you understand and empathize with them, they will be more willing and open to listen to what you have to say.

    Taking the time to strengthen your ideal buyer client profile will demonstrate why you are the perfect choice to hire.

  2.  Distinct network advantage- You’ve no doubt heard it a million times: Business growth and career advancement is as much about who you know as what you know, and that’s exactly why being a powerful networker is so important.  As an introvert, I’ve found an amazingly simple way to do this without spinning into depletion, exhaustion and overwhelm.

  3. Distinct information advantage -  Speed to market, experimentation, market research,  expertise that fosters quality production, negotiation skills and inside information are just a few examples of how you can use information for your strategic or tactical advantage. 


Create a system + process that naturally models the optimum next steps for your ideal client by designing a multi-media experience.

You can create micro content

  1. Linkedin article 

  2. 2Slide decks (Slideshare presentation )

  3. Facebook Posts 

  4. Twitter Posts 

  5. Instagram Posts 

  6. Pinterest (Infographics) 

  7. Videos (YouTube + Vimeo) 

  8. Live Video (Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live) 

  9. Audio clips (Soundcloud, Stitcher, ITunes, etc.)

  10. 1Cartoons + Illustrations 

  11. GIFs or memes 

  12. Photography

  13. Checklists, Surveys


You can also create macro content 

  1. Articles + Blog Posts + Guest Blog Posts

  2. Expert Guides + Case Studies 

  3. Digital or Print Magazines and/or Newsletters

  4. Lesson Plans + Tutorials 

  5. Explainer Videos + Short Films + Webisodes 

  6. Interview Series + Case Studies

  7. Radio and/or TV show 

  8. Mobile Technology (Applications,  SaaS, online learning portals, etc.) 



The mere mention of “sales and marketing” sends some people into full blown panic attacks.

If you think about it, marketing is simply telling people over and over again how you can support them. 

Your marketing matierals must speak directly to where the client is on his/her journey. 



To keep things short and simple, keep in mind that business revenue is found in the “list”  Opt-in email marketing is the process of inviting website visitors to sign up for your email list, often using a lead magnet or other incentive to showcase the benefits of working with you.

Writing emails doesn't have to be a bore, a chore or a burden. Give yourself permission to use email as a tool to uplift + inspire the people around you -- leaving everyone on the receiving end of your emails in better condition than you found them.



Your sales strategy is an invitation to liberation and co-creation.

Profitability is a result of supporting the hopes, dreams and aspirations of your ideal clients. 

Confused buyers do not invest so stay focused on the transformational benefit.  People invest at the level that is right for them, and more importantly, they invest based on 3 things:

       1 – The pain they’re experiencing.  

       2 – The result that you’re offering.

       3 – And their personal money set point (how they value different things).  


Some people choose to take the fear-based approach, where word are used to create feelings of unadequancy.  That is NOT my way. 

As a guide, NOT a guru, my work is designed to usher my ideal clients into feelings of enoughness and worthiness.  I want you to sit in the seat of your personal sovereignty. I want you to rule your world from the inside out because at the end of the day, only you know what is best for you – despite a society that teaches something different. 




The truth is ..You can’t start a revolution if no one knows who you are.

Whether your goal is to be seen on tv, heard on the radio, sell more books, secure more speaking engagements, or host sold out global events, I will help you to design relevant and proven marketing campaigns that foster authority, influence, visibility, and profitability.



The 5 components of the Creating Money Framework are:

  1. Core values. (Foundation)

  2. Creation (Signature Offer)

  3. Connection (Content Creation/Strategy)

  4. Conversation (Marketing)

  5. Collaboration  (Sales)


THANK YOU for joining me.