How Highly Shareable Content Builds Up Your Traffic, Influence, and Business


You can’t start a revolution if no one knows who you are.

You can’t have great traffic and a ton of influence with vanilla content.

You can’t have a deluxe business and robust bottom line if you’re invisible to your dream clients and you don’t do anything to make yourself visible and compelling.

Highly shareable content is smart, elegant, and magnetic.

You’re tightly focused on your target audience. You share your genius ideas and best content with them because you’re all about delivering great value in everything you do and highlighting your perfect fit for them.

You craft highly shareable content when you’re tuned in to what your audience needs and how you can give it to them.

You know how to tap into their desires, soothe their pain, and address their fears. You know their pitfalls, struggles, and regrets, and you show them how to embrace a fresh start for a better life and business.

This means you can’t afford to be vanilla in your content because you’ll look and sound like everyone else without a clear sense of who they are, what they do, and who they’re for.

Creating highly shareable content is your opportunity to show who you are, what you do, and who you’re for.

It’s your chance to position yourself as an expert with the answers for your target audience’s questions.

People pay attention to experts who solve urgent problems, and you want to be that expert for your audience. Whether it’s through a compelling blog post, podcast, video, or eBook, you give them a reason to tune into you and not someone else.

Highly shareable content plumps up your traffic, influence, and business because it gives your audience something to care about and a community to belong to.

You show them that they’re not alone, you can help them, and there’re others just like them who already trust you and benefit from you.

You highlight elegant solutions to their urgent pain points, which makes you attractive because you speak their language and cater to their needs.

You become their go-to person because you get them like no one else does. They become your raving fans because they can’t get enough of your touch. And they sing your praises to anyone who’ll listen because you’re phenomenal.

But you can’t do any of this with a trickle of traffic, zero influence, and a business with no clients.

You must increase your traffic so you can do the great work you’re here to do for your dream clients.

You need a pool of people to serve, and the larger that pool is, the greater your chances of getting paying customers through your door. You can’t rely on a handful of clients to keep your business going and growing, so the more people you reach, the better your chances of growing your bottom line.

You also need to build your influence to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. You want to be the first person people think of for help with the problem(s) you solve, and you can’t be that if you’re invisible.

Use highly shareable content to grow your authority and make you a force to be reckoned with. Build your influence with solid, actionable content that shows your audience you know what you’re talking about and they can trust you with their needs.

As an authority in your niche, you can give your dream clients a taste of working with you so they’re hungry for more. Infusing your personality in your content opens a window to your soul and gives them a peek at the treasure within.

For instance, live videos and webinars provide a voice and personality to go with your face, which makes the interaction more personal.

Your audience now knows what you sound like and how you move your hands when you talk, so they feel like they know you and are more comfortable with you.

If you want people to sign up for a new service or product, introduce it to them on a live webinar and walk them through the benefits. Offer early-bird bonuses for those who attend live to attract more people who’re likely to buy so they feel like they’re getting a great deal for snapping up your new thing right away.

If the thought of live video makes your spirit wilt, consider making a video series as you launch your new thing. You’ll have the personal touch without the anxiety or discomfort of being live, and you’ll still attract the people who want more of you.

There’re so many ways to leverage highly shareable content and build up your traffic, influence, and business.

Experiment with blog posts, podcasts, videos, webinars, eBooks, and free mini email courses to find the perfect blend of great content that highlights your unique strengths, gifts, and skills.

Don’t be afraid to explore and discover what works for you as you increase your traffic, build your influence, and promote your business.

Make space for your generosity and brilliance to flow into the lives of your dream clients.

Craft deluxe experiences that meet their needs, gladden their hearts, and make them better versions of themselves.

Invite them into your VIP lounge and pamper them so thoroughly that they can’t imagine going anywhere else.

You’re here to make a bold statement, not blend into the wallpaper.

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Art Credit: Photo by Nikhil Mitra on Unsplash