The Trinity of Success


Welcome to “The Trinity of Success”, the 1st class in this free 5-day preview of my mastermind program called Creating Money.”

Good afternoon. My name is Kadena Tate.  I am a revenue strategist for female entrepreneurs who can’t figure out how to create multiple streams of income. I help them get exactly what they want, which is more clients, more money, and more vacations.

Through my delightful global retreats, courage inducing blog posts, free challenges and on-demand classes, I’m here to  to show you how to create multiple streams of income — while making every step feel like a hallelujah good time.

And when I’m not helping you to find new customers and sell more to existing ones, you can find me indulging in spicy cajun food, reading a good book and the occasional Zumba dance class.

This webinar was created because I’d like to help 100,000 women become multi-millionaires. In order to accomplish this, the conversation around women and money must change. Women are told that men provide and protect. Women are told that they are not good with numbers, cannot handle money, are way too indecisive and emotional so they should not worry their pretty little heads about money.

Whether you are single, married, or widowed, the problem comes in when (a) you do not have a wise, wealthy and fiscally responsible father, husband, lover, son or brother who can handle the money with integrity; (b) one of the aforementioned individuals dies without life insurance; (c) you get a divorce (d) you lack the resources needed to take care of food, clothing , shelter, medical , education and entertainment to your liking or ; (e) you decide to take the leap into entrepreneurship and have no idea where the money is coming from to successfully own and operate your non-profit and for profit endeavors.

One thing that I know for sure is that once you believe that the language of money/capital is for men - you will have an extremely difficult time earning money. Which brings me to another reason why I am creating this series of videos.

It has been said that sometimes we teach that which we most need or needed to learn. I agree with that statement 100%. In my life and business, I had to work through and continue to work through my money issues. So much secrecy in this society around money, power, sex and entrepreneurship. I’d like to change that.

Colin R. Davis warns us that “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” 

Therefore, in this FREE masterclass, I will share my 3 biggest AHAs about what it takes to build a profitable and pleasurable business.

There is absolutely no reason for you to view yourself as un-intelligent, unworthy, undeserving and incapable of handling money. The fact that you accepted the invitation to this webinar training reveals that you understand that profitability is required and you desire the tools that will assist you in building a pleasurable and profitable business.



On the entrepreneurial highway, there will be many signs that can lead you towards success and away from failure. I wish I could tell you that I was so smart that I took them all.  
The truth is (a) some of these signs I ignored; (B) some signs I did not see because I was distracted and (c) I was too arrogant and/or ignorant to see the value in a particular sign. I can also tell you that my companions of perfectionism, people-pleasing and proving sent me spiraling right into depression, bankruptcy and foreclosure. It was not cute and thank goodness I survived to share the lessons learned, starting with the fact that today’s agenda is one of those signs.

As it relates to the agenda, the first thing I want to tell you is that you probably are thinking that I'm going to say to you that the three things that your business needs to succeed are (a) a product, service or program that people are willing to pay for; (b) an audience who loves you so much that they're willing to tell their family and friends about you and; (c) a strategic business model that leapfrogs the market and makes the idea of competition irrelevant. 

Yes, these are necessary – however, that's not what we're talking about today. 

Today’s agenda is to discuss what's underneath the model, market and offering, the things that subtly inform the aforementioned items.

One of the things that I discovered on my entrepreneurial journey is those who do not understand and apply “the trinity of success” are not going to last very long in the marketplace

Very few people can explain why they are successful. Today you will discover how personal sovereignty, creativity and flow influence and impact the foundation of a female-owned, service-based business. If at the end of this conversation, you want “more”, feel free to accept my invitation to join me on this entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s begin with the 1st principle: Personal Sovereignty.


Personal Sovereignty

My desire is to help entrepreneurial women sit or stand fully in the seat of personal sovereignty. What I know for sure is taking the time to reflect and listen to your inner wisdom gives you the roadmap to the joy, love, and abundance you seek. The more tuned in you are, the clearer your path becomes as an entrepreneurial leader.  

Over the last 16 years of working with women, I’ve noticed the influence and impact of imagery and messaging to women about their worth and value.

Societal conditioning and the media have a tendency to pigeon-hole women as wives, mothers, maids, cooks, care-givers, sexual playthings, helpless, victims, gold-diggers, etc.

These images may easily shape how you see yourself and your ability to grow a thriving business. For example, whether you are conscious of it or not, each time you look outside of yourself for affirmation, validation, and confirmation of worth, you step out of personal sovereignty and into powerlessness.


Please take a moment and look carefully at this graphic.

Some of you will view the larger figure in a negative lens. She may be viewed as an outside authority -  religious leader, attorney, banker, boss, military officer, parent, physician, police officer, politician, spouse, teacher, etc.  She may be viewed as someone who is more successful, more intelligent, more beautiful, more something than you. She may be a controlling relative, friend or colleague, who constantly tries to tell you what is best for you. In this scenario, you may find your self filled with self-doubt and anxiety. You are frustrated and tired of “going along to get along.”

As a female entrepreneur, please understand that leadership is required. I am not referring to the current model of leadership, aligned with political, military, police or war tactics.

I believe that now is a great time in history to rewrite the leadership narrative. Every single female entrepreneur must rewrite the leadership narrative for herself. Therefore, these situations are opportunities to rise above the societal conditioning and  liberate yourself from the anxiety and self-doubt associated with feeling powerless, uncertain, unsure, undeserving, unworthy and/or plagued with people-leasing, perfectionism and proving.

Years ago I ran across the wisdom of late martial artist Bruce Lee, who was quoted as saying “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine.” These words are a beautiful reminder that you are not responsible to meet the expectations and projections of others. You are only responsible for the energy that you bring into the lives of others.

On a more positive note, some of you will view the larger figure in this image as an empowered women.   In this graphic, you are being guided to listen to your inner wisdom and intuition.  Your sovereign self is gently reminding you that you ARE worthy of every gift that comes your way. Even when it feels too big, too much, too intense, take a big breath and expand to meet it! You are big enough, vast enough, to receive every gift and opportunity the Universe beams to you. Embody your personal power so that you can lead, teach, influence and inspire with ease and grace. Your sovereign self will always point to the path that honors freedom for everyone involved.


There are many ways to sit/stand in the seat of your personal sovereignty, however, let’s keep it real. I cannot teach you everything I know in one hour.  Discernment leads me to share three concepts and briefly explain how to apply them to your daily business practices. 

Sovereignty invites you to (a) embrace the power of your presence; (b) embrace your feminine wisdom; and (c) be generous, intentional, and loving as you run your business.  

Embrace the power of your presence.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone entered the room and you felt their presence? Keep in mind that we all do this.  This is why we are taught to be responsible for the energy that we bring into the room.

My father taught me to allow your presence to speak for you. When you step into a room, understand that speaking is not required to inform others of what you will/will not tolerate. Of course there will be people who will test you, however that is a conversation for another day. Today, I’d like to remind you that self-confidence speaks loudly and has nothing to do with age, sex, height, weight, wardrobe, etc. 


When you’re comfortable in your skin, you’re plugged in to the power of embracing who you are and acting from a place of love, grace, and confidence. This frees you to be your truest self and live in alignment with your deepest desires and values. You are encouraged to show up. Make it count. Play in your power and don’t be afraid to disrupt the status quo. Now, how do you do this?

The 1st tip is to stay in your zone of genius.  List your strengths and favorite business activities – your actual ones, not the "shoulds." 

Learn how to ask and receive the help that you need. Having the courage to give voice to your desires is having the courage to admit that you cannot go it alone. Yes, there’s a lot you can do on your own, must do on your own, and then you must remember that large or small, your business has a lot of moving parts. If you are the chief executive officer, operations officer, marketing department, sales team, finance officer, technology officer, graphic designer, administration, web designer, copywriter, editor, etc., you are “doing too much.” Keep in mind that being brave enough to ask for help is also an act of self-respect.

I cannot emphasize enough that your way is not the only way to accomplish tasks and reach goals.  One of the reasons why I experienced slow business growth and low profits during the 1st seven years I was in business, is because I was stuck in perfectionist energy and controlling behavior.

Learning how to hire competent people and allow them to thrive in their zone genius was not an “easy” lesson for me. However, every single experience taught me how to use influence rather than power to build a strong, capable team of employees, suppliers and vendors. All of these people are the reason that successful and profitable businesses exist. 

The 2nd tip is to decide what you wish to achieve in both your personal and professional life. As Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." 

Select the emotions, feelings and daily actions that support your desires. At the same time, identify and let go of toxic thoughts and habits that block your progress. Be willing to fail if it gets you closer to your goal. As an entrepreneur, you’re doing something you’ve never done before. It’s disheartening and downright unrealistic if you expect to get it right the first time. 

Please give yourself the time, space, and freedom to figure out what works and the best way to do it. This means no judging your speed of progress or comparing your baby steps to someone else’s expert moves. Do your best to stay rooted in self-love, self-acceptance, self-care and self-compassion. 

The 3rd tip may startle and/or offend you. To fully embrace the power of your presence, ask yourself “If I had a penis, what action would I take?” Suddenly every solution known to man will enter your mind. Why? Although women have been socialized that men are smart and brave, now is the time to speak truth to power. The truth is that women are also wise and courageous. Trust yourself. The feminine principle within you gives birth to the gifts of connection, conversation, intuition, insight, collaboration and community. Deep down inside, you know that “power with” is ten times more empowering than “power over”. Our society would be “richer”, if every person was encouraged to maximize their potential in service to all of humanity.

I’m certain that successful female leaders who’ve made a positive and powerful impact in the world, will confirm the importance of owning who you are, what you do and why you do it. When someone says, “who can help me overcome this challenge and/or achieve this goal?”  That is not the time to be shy and timid.  As a female entrepreneurial leader, you must stand up or raise your hand and say “Yes. I can help you.” Trust me, you can learn how to do this without guilt, shame and embarrassment.

It begins with giving yourself permission to be unapologetically you. Please understand that when you know, that you know, that you know, you can feel it. It is a bone knowing. And you don't need outside affirmation, validation or confirmation of worth to get there. It is simply a matter of showing up even when you feel unworthy, undeserving, inadequate, etc. 


Embrace your feminine wisdom. 

There is a huge difference between “being”, “doing” and “knowing.” If you really want to discover what you’re capable of, you have to drill down to the essence of who you are, and you can’t do that without tapping into your feminine wisdom, also known as your intuition.

You discover what makes you different when you discover what makes you “you”. Instead of forcing yourself to fit a mold, you get to play with the wonders and treasures of your spirit as you unearth them and sprinkle them all over your life and business. How do you do this? 

Cultivate the courage to slow down, take a few deep breaths, and “feel” into the business at hand.

Quite literally, how does the project/decision/request before you make you feel? Are you excited? Elated? Eager to discover what awaits you? Or are you hesitant, repulsed, uncertain, or flat out uninterested?

Your intuition knows, and it’s intuition that makes the difference between leading from within and leading solely from the head. Use your head, yes, but bring your gut along for the ride. You cannot hope to craft a business that warms your heart and feeds your Soul if you don’t consult them every step of the way; thinking alone is not enough to harness your feminine magic and business savvy.

So if you’re leading from within, you’re asking yourself the questions that go beyond the bottom line: Is this in tune with my values? Will this action/decision/project make me a happier, wiser person? Am I showing up in my highest truth and bringing all of myself to the table? Does this feel good?

Taking the time to answer these questions before every big decision will keep you pointed towards your North Star and on top of your game. If you find yourself feeling heavy and out of sorts, chances are you’ve been skipping the self-reflection that keeps you headed where you want to go.


Be generous, intentional, and loving as you run your business.

Let me share why it took me 7 years to monetize my business. Like many female entrepreneurs, I spent huge amounts of time socializing on various social media channels, writing blog posts, guest blogging, creating videos, recording podcast episodes, creating printables, designing social media graphics, participating in their online communities, hosting free business development sessions, free coaching, free training and engaging in inequitable barters and so on.

Please learn from my mistakes. You can be generous with people and share your ideas, but you also have to run your business like a business. This means that you must take the time to explore the urgent problem that you solve, decide what you’re willing to give away for free and what offers require compensation, identify who is actually willing and able to pay for your help, determine where large numbers of these people hang out online and offline, discover what are the intangible and tangible resources needed to help them, (like time, money, energy, staff, intellectual property, etc.), and clarify how much will it you cost to help them.

And of course, it goes without saying that the response to these questions must lead you into a business experience where everyone involved feels loved, valued, respected and appreciated. Yes. I know that this is a tall order. But you would not be here with me if you were not capable of joyful co-creation.



I believe that  creative self-expression is your birthright. You’re a unique and powerful  human being with gifts and desires to express, and doing that in a way that suits you means exploring new ways to serve the needs of your clientele. For the record, when you hear me say “the creative abyss,” I am referring to this exploratory process. defines creativity as “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.”

Although people become enraged when you don’t think and behave in ways that make them comfortable, they will get over it. Remember that living for the approval of others is a losing proposition.


The marriage of creativity and personal sovereignty give birth to the realization that authenticity has no competition.  Meaning, it is important to remember that expressing your creativity doesn’t mean you must do something completely different from what everyone else is doing – it just means you do it in a way unique to you.

My quarterly business model workshops are the tools to help a female entrepreneur expand her paradigm of possibility. In community, we step into the creative abyss by sharing best practices and new technology. As a result we are able to refine and fine-tune our business conversations, practices and protocols.

I’d like to share a quick example of this concept in action.  Please a closer look at your marketing collateral. Is your website, business card, digital magazine, social media channel a carbon copy of what is already in the marketplace? Are you simply regurgitating the same conversation as someone who offers a similar product, service or program? Do people say “Oh, you do exactly what so-and-so does?”

If so, you might ask yourself “How would my ideal client respond if  art, music, dance, photography, videography, movement, etc. were woven into my brand? What can I infuse into my brand experience that will usher my clients into feeling seen, heard, supported and understood? How can I integrate excitement, play and adventure into my brand? “

You can also survey your clients. Ask them “What would you like to feel, know and do? Would you like to explore this or that? How do you feel about this or that? What would you like more or less of? What brings you joy? What philanthropic endeavors warm your heart?”

I’d like you to recognize that your willingness to expand your paradigm of possibility  will open the door to creative strategies that help your brand to stand as a beacon of light for the clientele that wants, needs and is willing to pay for your solutions.


You’re here to explore what you’re capable of and dare yourself to the edge again and again.

No-one will tell you that while in business there will be times when you literally feel like you are building your business at a midway point between two mountaintops.

You are not safely at the starting point, fully equipped with everything that you need. Nor have you arrived safely at your desired destination feeling “healthy, wealthy, happy and whole.”

Ladies, I’ve found myself in this awkward and uncomfortable place of learning many, many times. I believe that life and business are indeed “daring adventures.” Let’s talk about how one lands at the midway point.

Perhaps you under-estimated the startup and/or operational costs. You might find yourself at the midway point without the financial resources to complete a project. This just happened to me three years ago. I had to pick up the phone and admit that not only did I underestimate the costs, I wan out of money and had to make payment arrangements to pay them back. Making payment arrangements when you have no money at all is not a joy filled experience.

Perhaps you underestimated the complexity of the desired client solution. You might find yourself at the midway point without the skillset to complete a project. Roughly 10 years ago, I started a podcast, interviewed 21 people , couldn't figure out how to use the editing software or how to upload them to iTunes, nor did I have the money to pay someone who did.

Perhaps your computer, printer, camera or car breaks down. You might find yourself at the midway point without the equipment to complete a project. I had a photographer client who uploaded the wedding photos onto her computer. As soon as she deleted them from her camera, her computer broke down before she was able to back up her files. Can you imagine how enraged her clients were?

Perhaps your intuition warned you not to accept a particular client. You ignored your inner guidance system because the person seemed nice enough. You might find yourself at the midway point with a client who berates, belittles, infuriates and exhausts you. Been there and it is not a good feeling. Oddly enough, these people appear charismatic and kind. The minute you sign on the dotted line, the narcissist energy reveals itself and the relationship becomes filled with frustration, rage, and resentment. You literally have to “break free” from their controlling and manipulative tactics.

Perhaps you took on a client gig when someone approached you, who could not afford your full rate, and you wanted to be helpful. You did not want to be seen as a woman who doesn’t help women. You might find yourself at the midway point over-giving and under-earning. Unfortunately this is a place I’ve been in more times than I can count. This one is tricky if you are generous by nature and really want to help people succeed. I tell my clients that when we work together, let’s make a commitment not to spin one another into perfectionism, people-pleasng or proving energies.

The list of examples could easily go on and on. As you can see, the midway point is an invitation to self-mastery. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore what you’re capable of as it relates to walking your talk. Creativity is a wonderful tool that we can use to express who we are. But we also have to recognize that even within that creative box of thinking outside the box, we have to pull it all back in into tangible action steps and truthful conversation. Your willingness to be responsible and hold yourself accountable will lead to self-mastery.



Flow is the state where you are tapped in and tuned into your soul’s calling, heart and body wisdom. Personal sovereignty, creativity and contentment are fueled by “flow’.  

One of my former clients Eden Adele coined the phrase “satisfillment”, which ties in nicely to this point. At the intersection of satisfaction and fulfillment is contentment. Contentment is what we are all seeking.

One day I was reading quotes by the  late martial artist Bruce Lee. I just read the one that says  “If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

Literally as soon as I read that quote, the tea kettle went off. I did not notice that the top was not on properly so when I began to pour the hot water into my cup, water spilled everywhere. As I was cleaning up, I noticed that the water moved on, over, under, in between and around the countertop, cabinets and the tile flooring. I was reminded that water moves freely without limit.


I thought about Bruce Lee’s advice to “Be like water.”  I started wondering “how to” be like water. I wrote down a list of ways that I could  be more adventurous, trusting and adaptable in both my personal and professional life.  Sidebar - if you haven’t noticed by now, I am analytical. Pray for me! The good news is that after I spin in and out of  analytical thinking, I take action and share my results! Therefore it is a win-win for all parties involved.

Although the entrepreneurial journey is filled with twists and turns, it does not have to be filled with fear and self-loathing. Your entrepreneurial endeavor is an opportunity to pioneer a new way of thinking and living for yourself.

A teacher told me many years ago that nature teaches us everything that we need to know. Therefore, water taught me the importance of releasing  ideas and judgment about how people, places and situations "should" be. When feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of life, you can follow the lead of water and simply go through, over, under or around it. Please keep in mind that water does not create imaginary walls and roadblocks. Water trusts and adapts to the flow. It does not turn molehills into mountains. Water recognizes that everything does not have to be a battle.

Flow is about trusting yourself. Flow is about allowing the wisdom of your soul to come through. When in you are in a flow state, you have no need to compare your body, business and bank accounts to others. You have no use for pushy, manipulative and controlling sales tactics. You respect yourself enough to set healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life and so on. Ladies, flow is a form of power reclamation. When you commit to living a life + business aligned with your dreams, visions, and true nature, you embrace the opportunity to explore what works and what doesn’t. You’re literally creating the blueprint of your life + business, and that’s a powerful place to be in. 


You’re here to live out loud, to ditch the bullshit and shine so bright you need shades to keep going.

There is no current model of feminine leadership. We're building it right now in the air as we move. We stand on the shoulders of our mothers, our grandmothers, our great, great grandmothers and so on. There are things that those women could not do that we can do. There are rights that those women fought for, that we possess today. I believe that we have a responsibility to create a seat at the banquet of life for women. It is time to change the narrative about the capabilities and competencies of women.

The feminine model of leadership is not about toxic matriarchy, and it certainly isn't about us stepping into the realm of toxic patriarchy.  We are not miniature versions of men. We are women. And there's something about knowing who you are and allowing the beauty, the grace, the agility. You know that wild, free, uninhibited, creative spirit to flow through you in such a way that you ignite the hearts and minds of those people that you're called to be of service and support to. There's something really beautiful and magical about that.

My former client Kathy Taylor, CEO of Herdwise LLC., uses horses to help leaders identify and close the gaps between the leader they are now and the one they want to be. I knew that horses represent freedom and the spirit of forward movement, however I was stunned to discover their self-care practices. For example, Kathy taught me that horses take good care of themselves; get plenty of exercise; don’t do things that don’t contribute to their well being; pay attention to their inner voice and are honest about their feelings. Being in their presence was a powerful reminder that you’re here to live out loud, to ditch the bullshit and shine so bright you need shades to keep going.


6 Ways Women Can Power Up Their Businesses

Ladies, there is a fine line between fee based content and free content. I’d like you to walk away today with a basic understanding of what’s required to power up your business; and I’d also like to extend the invitation to work with me.

Ladies, nobody can do what you do the way that you do it. This is because no one has the gifts, talents, strengths, abilities and the lessons that you've learned from your life experiences. No one has the ability to give birth to your vision because what God/Goddess has for you - is for YOU.

As I stated before, connection, conversation, intuition, insight, collaboration and community are the ingredients of your brand that can be bundled in a certain way to support other people either achieving and accomplishing their dreams or helping that person to overcome some challenge that they have.


Connection + Conversation

I believe that you’re here to be a love agent: to give the love, to receive the love, to feel the love. The problem was that I secretly believed that in order to be loved, I had to be perfect. I consider entrepreneurship the greatest personal development course in the world because it taught me you’re here to heal your wounds so you can light the way for your tribe and clients to heal theirs.

If you give yourself permission to connect with others and engage in meaningful conversations from a place of personal sovereignty, the relationship will be healthy. Wearing a mask of perfection is exhausting. Just be yourself. You are enough. Have authentic conversations and you will have better client relationships.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of learning how to speak with clarity, brevity and authority. There is “magic” in words - whether spoken or written. Your words can educate, entertain, illuminate, empower and build people up or they can tear people down and wreck absolute havoc in their personal and professional lives.

Let me tell you a quick story of how I came to a deeper understanding of the power of connection + conversation. Growing up in New Orleans kept me spinning in Southern Belle people-pleasing energy. My military upbringing had me constantly spinning in and out of perfectionism and proving energy. Societal judgment about the fact that I am an African American woman, descendent of slaves, would uproot subconscious insecurities around not being good enough, not being worthy and deserving of my desires. If you were to look at me, you would swear that my life was pure perfection because I wore my mask well.

One day I decided to create a group coaching program. The deliverable was one live training call every Tuesday and one live Q&A call every Thursday. The investment was $47 per person. Yes, I know that I was on team too much. That is why we are together. I do not want you to make the same mistakes.

There was a woman in the program, who had previously reached out to me for individual coaching. When I said that it was $1,000 a month, she declined and enrolled in this group program. One of the first things that she did was send approximately 2-3 questions that she needed in-depth answers to in order to run her business. Every week the number of questions increased as she sought to monopolize the Q&A sessions. Each week, I became more enraged that she was trying to turn a $47 a month experience into a $1,000 a month experience and assumed I was too stupid to see through her ploy. One day she stepped over the invisible line that women never discuss. One day she went too far. Fifteen minutes prior to our group call she sent me 15 questions with the directive that I answer all of them during our call because she was working on a project. The moment I got on the call, my mask came flying off. I blasted her - in front of my entire tribe. Part of me was freaked out because I thought “Oh my goodness - I am about to lose all of my clients!” Another part of me could care less because I felt taken advantage of and disrespected.

Now, what did this experience teach me as it relates to running a business like a business?

  1. I understand that we will attract people who mirror both our shadow and our light, however, I learned that every woman is NOT my client. I created client criteria and re-oriented myself with my primal “no.”

  2. I learned how to connect to my desires. This included setting healthy boundaries, learning how to ask for and receive the desires of my heart and crafting contracts that clearly outline the deliverables, expectations, terms and agreements.

  3. I learned to be myself - without apology. By telling the truth about who I am, instead of pretending to be someone else, I am ushered into personal sovereignty, freedom of creative self-expression and flow.

When I calmed down, I called each of the women in that group coaching program. I was stunned to discover that they were happy that I went off the rails. They were relieved and grateful that I said no to perfectionism, people-pleasing and proving. They were already feeling exhausted and depleted and did not want to run their business in over-giving and under-earning mode. That was when I discovered that you are here to express and experience love AND to heal and be healed.


Insight + Intuition

I’m sure you’ve met people who swear that the ONLY way to make money is their way. Like I said earlier, there is no shortage of messages and imagery designed to keep you feeling unsettled and insecure.

In order to build a pleasurable and profitable business, it is imperative that you cultivate the courage to trust your inner guidance system. This will help you determine how to RESPOND to opportunities and threats that exist on both a macro and micro level.

All that yummy power at your disposal? As the chief executive officer of your company, you’re here to infuse it in your every breath, your art, and every fiber of your business. You’re here to mix your power with your great love, to stay in conversation with your Soul and act on the wisdom of your body. (you’re listening to her, right?)


Collaboration + Community

When we listen to outside influences of who a woman should be and how she should behave in the world, we spin directly into judgment, criticism, jealousy and envy.  Who wants to collaborate and build a community with someone like this? When you don’t know who you are, you show up in toxic energy that drains others emotionally, physically, and financially.  

Entrepreneurship is about co-creation, collaboration and community NOT competition, control and manipulation. It is about everyone leveling up. Your business is only as successful as your willingness to work and play well with others. 

Collaboration + Community:  We need it, we crave it, we are it. 

Step up and be a bright light for your community− let your greatness and joy flow through your pores. Yes you can.


Questions and Answers

I’m opening up the call for questions at this time. Please feel free to ask me whatever you like.

How do I know when it is time to hire someone? When you find yourself on Jill-of-All-Trades path. Being everyone on your organizational chart is the fast track to overwhelm, illness, disease and death. You’ve heard the Les Brown quote “Teamwork makes the dream work.” The first step that I took was to write down all of the roles and responsibilities needed to fulfill my brand promise. Next, I divided these tasks into my zone of genius and what needed to be outsourced. From the items that required outsourcing, I divided them into two categories. They were tasks that I can do, I just don’t want to do and tasks that would require huge amounts of time, energy and money for me to learn how to do. My first hire was a woman who LOVED to do everything that overwhelmed me. I worked out a payment arrangement and as I grew, I compensated her accordingly.

How do I know if I am working with the right person? In order to determine what people want and what they are willing to pay for, I recommend designing both a positive and negative buyer persona canvas. Next, draw a customer journey map. Clarify your customer experience, from the lens of “I have no clue who you are,” all the way over to “Oh my gosh! I love you! I’m telling my family, friends and colleagues that you are pure awesomeness!” If you draw out a customer journey map, you can design mutually beneficial experiences. Every customer touchpoint is an invitation to help them and it is also an opportunity to sit/step/stand more fully into your personal sovereignty also known as your personal power.

Once you actually meet someone - listen to your intuition. If something doesn't feel right, trust yourself and politely decline their request to work with you. I cannot emphasize the importance of recognizing every client relationship, staff member, joint venture partner, alliance partner, sponsor or vendor is a collaborative relationship. Together you are building something bigger than the both of you. Therefore, please listen to your intuition when you're dealing with people. There are wonderful people out here, wonderful people, and then there are people, if you give them an inch, they'll take a mile. You are not a dumping ground for the toxic behavior of others. 

Sometimes people don’t have the money to pay for ad space in my magazine. I feel sorry for them and give it to them. I end up feeling resentful because of all the extra work that must be done that I am not being paid for. How do I stop?

Thank you for your transparency. I’ve been there many times.

In an effort to interrupt the pattern of failure, allow me to share 2 quick remedies:

1st - Please recognize the value that you are bringing to the table. You are NOT “selling ads.”  What you're offering that person is visibility for their business. You're helping that person to be seen, to be known, to be heard in the marketplace. You are helping that person to attract more clients and cash. It is time to clean up your buyer persona so that you can attract the person willing to make an investment with joy.

2nd - Please write down your sales script and the common objections. Next time someone says, I can't afford it, ask them a series of questions: “Why did you wish to advertise in my magazine? On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to reaching your ideal client? How long have you been feeling invisible in your business? What is it costing you in terms of time, money, energy, peace of mind, etc.? Because the truth is, your ads are worth the investment if their ideal clients are reading the magazine. You have nothing to prove, so let the people go who are not ready to make an investment in themselves through you.

How do I know if I am having a conversation with the right people?

Whether you decide to host 20 minute discovery calls or preview webinars, you can always create a short survey. What are the five to seven questions that you need to ask that will inform you as to whether or not this person is a good fit? The questions might look like, what's the problem that you're having that made you reach out to me? How long have you had this problem? What have you tried to do on your own to solve this problem? What worked? What didn't work? Are you committed to making a financial investment in the solution of this problem today? If a person cannot answer ALL of these questions, they are not your people. If they answer all of the questions but they are unwilling to make payment arrangements, they are NOT your people. If you are a for-profit business, money must be made or you have a high priced hobby.

I've been in business over 10 years and I still feel like I don’t know what I am doing. What can I do to feel more confident? Great question! The truth is no one knows what they are doing. For example, what worked for you may or may not work for someone else. What worked for one client, may not work for another. If you want to help clients get unstuck, solve their challenges and/or achieve their dreams, you will need to embrace your creative impulses.Get rid of the limiting idea that you either have confidence or you don’t.

Believing in yourself is a daily process. There’ll be days you glow and days you barely flicker, but if you can remember to trust your instincts and your self-worth, you’ll keep finding the courage to believe in yourself no matter what. And for the days you just can’t seem to get your head right, reach out to your support network to buoy you up and refill your well. We flourish in community, so it’s worth it to cultivate a network that comes through for you when you’re floundering and dances with you when you’re flowering.


Ladies, I appreciate your time and attention. Thank you in advance for sharing this video and transcript with a woman who wants to grow herself and her business. See you tomorrow for the conversation “Craft a Powerful Brand Story.”