Your Potential Clients Are Humans, Not Numbers. Act Like It.

Your potential clients are three-dimensional beings with hopes, pains, and dreams. 

They have visions and movements woven in their DNA.

They carry seeds of greatness just waiting to burst into bloom, and if you do your business right, you can help them bloom.

These people have needs, and you’re equipped to meet those needs. Deeper than a dollar exchange, it’s a meeting of souls who decide to journey together for a set time.

It’s you being willing to help and guide them from the pain of their problem to the relief of your solution for that problem. 

It’s you being responsible with what they entrust to you.

It’s you walking in integrity and being gentle with their brokenness.

This means you can’t treat them like numbers on a spreadsheet to plump up your bottom line. You can’t see dollar signs when you look at them because that’s trampling on their humanity. You can’t put profits before people because that’s a predatory, cold-hearted way of doing business.

Instead, you mustseethem and honor their humanity. Respect their hearts and souls, their needs, and their boundaries. Respect all of who they are, not just what you see or hear on the screen. Make them feel safe around you.

When you treat a potential client like she’s human, you show her that you’re in this to help her soar. You’ll make money, yes, but she’ll get great value from your time and expertise. It’s a heart-to-heart relationship that grows her into who she can be after she vaults over her problem. 

In this instance, she becomes a raving fan blown away by her transformation and success after her time with you.

But when you treat a potential client like a number on a spreadsheet, you lose sight of who she is and how delicate you need to be around her. You focus on making the sale and getting money in the bank, and you forget that you’re responsible for building a healthy relationship as you get to know her. 

You bulldoze past her questions and concerns, scare her into working with you, and make her feel awful about herself. Whether she caves in or not, she feels threatened around you and takes her business elsewhere as fast as she can. 

In this instance, she becomes a disgruntled customer who blacklists you and gripes to anyone who’ll listen.

You can’t afford to fall into the trap of profits before people because it pushes prospects away and causes bad blood with current clients; that isn’t what you want for your business!

Goodwill and repeat customers are vital for you to thrive. Be the business owner who draws people in, not repels them. Treat your prospects like VIPs, not wannabes. 

You’re not here to force people to work with you and scare them with doomsday scenarios if they’re hesitant or have legitimate concerns.

You’re here to help them win.

You’re here to guide their growth so they can bloom into a better version of themselves.

You’re here to honor their boundaries and be a safe space as they navigate the messy challenges of changing their mindsets, habits, and rituals.

When you do all this with love and integrity, you show them that you’re trustworthy and you have their best interests at heart. Your support keeps them going when things get rough and they’re tempted to give up, so they stay the course long enough to see lasting results and feel good about themselves.

This means you delight your clients when they work with you, which leads to repeat business, a stellar reputation, glowing client testimonials, enthusiastic brand ambassadors, and a robust bottom line. 

More people are willing to trust you with their journey because of your integrity, excellent work ethic, and loving touch. You become known for treating each prospect with dignity, and even when you don’t close the sale, you have a pleasant conversation with them.

If you want to be a magnet for your dream clients so you can enjoy serving them and building a great business, then you need to treat them right from their very first interaction with you. 

Talk to them like people who laugh, love, and cry just like you do. Be gentle with their broken places. Be patient as you walk them through unfamiliar territory. Put their humanity before your profit.

How will you treat your potential clients like humans?

Art Credit: Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash