How to Nurture a Deluxe Business True to Your Soul

You’re in business to help and heal people, not to scare and fleece them.

Your business is a love offering to your tribe, not an icky cash funnel focused on profits over people.

Nurturing a deluxe business true to your soul is all about walking in integrity and honoring your values as you run your business. 

It’s about putting people first and building a relationship with them before asking them for their hard-earned money.

You want people to smile when they think of you, not cringe, wince, or hiss. You need goodwill to build a thriving business, and if you don’t have that, you’ll be the sleazy person no one wants to work with. 

Don’t be that person.

Instead, be the savvy business owner who puts people first and doesn’t just see them as numbers. 

Identify their problems, create relevant solutions for their urgent pain points, and offer them those solutions with velvet gloves on, not with steel-studded gauntlets pounding down their door.

Your potential clients and customers want to be wooed, not browbeaten. You’ll get much farther with a soft touch that highlights the immediate benefits of working with you and lets them decide if they want more of you at that time.

Maybe they don’t have the money right then.

Maybe they’re not ready or willing to accept help yet.

Maybe they’re hoping the problem will go away on its own so they don’t have to do anything about it or spend any money on it.

There’s nothing you can do about such people, but you can make their experience so pleasant that they docome to you when they’re finally ready to get down to work.

You need to give your dream clients and customers a reason to become raving fans before they become raving fans.

Do you share high-quality content on your blog, YouTube channel, podcast, and other social media channels so they see you as the expert who can meet their needs?

Does your personality shine through your content? Can your target audience relate to you?

Are your sales calls warm, empathetic, and low-pressure? Do you give them time to think over the purchase, especially for premium-priced products and services?

Do your sales pages highlight the immediate benefits of working with you? 

Have you warmed them up to give you what you’re asking for? Have you demonstrated your perfect fit for them and made it a no-brainer for them to give you their email address and dollars?

You need to do all the above and more to make yourself irresistible to your dream clients and customers. 

We keep going back to the brands that make us feel good because we feel seen, heard, and cherished. Craft deluxe experiences that soothe and pamper them so they happily become loyal to you.

Think about luxury brands with raving fans that pay top dollar for their creations and services.

Chanel. Cartier. Rolex. Hermès. Louis Vuitton.

Are there cheaper options?


Are there other brands with similar offerings?


Do their raving fans care about the cheaper and similar options?



Because they’re loyal to the luxury brand that delights them and makes them feel like superstars.

Make your potential clients and customers raving fans by honoring your values, honoring their humanity, and treating them the way you expect other brands and businesses to treat you.

This means you can’t shame them for their circumstances, hang-ups, or concerns.

You can’t make them feel like dirt because they can’t or won’t work with you yet.

You can’t harangue them until they give in and pay you anyway even though they feel terrible about it.

Would you go back to anyone who treated you like that?

I didn’t think so.

When you honor your values, you treat each person with dignity, warmth, empathy, and professionalism. Each conversation is different because you’re tuned in to the individual needs of the human being on the other end.

You lead with love. You make your best pitch, listen to their feedback, and let them decide how to respond to you. 

Leading with love makes all the difference because it shows that you’re focused on what’s best for them, not what’s best for you. They’ll appreciate your soft touch and talk about it to others; such goodwill is priceless for your business because it makes you attractive to people who may never have heard of you otherwise.

Honoring their humanity keeps you in check when you’re frustrated and reminds you to keep leading with love. Some people just don’t want to change or heal, and there’s nothing you can do about them. 

Let them know you’re happy to work with them if they change their minds, and move on with the clients who’re ready for you. You only want the people who want you too, not the ones who’ll buck and complain every step of the way. 

You don’t need nightmare clients in your space, and a huge part of that is screening who comes through your door. 

Do you know why you shouldn’t push to close the sale no matter what? 

It’s unethical, it saddles you with people who turn out to be nightmare clients, andit gives you a bad rep. 

Who needs the hassle?

Instead, cater to the dream clients and customers who want you. Treat them the way you want other brands and business to treat you.

Be phenomenal. 

Wow their socks off. 

Surprise and delight them with VIP treatment and luxe goodies.

Believe me, phenomenal customer service will nevergo out of style.

Remember, you’re nurturing a deluxe business that feels true to your soul. Walk in integrity as you help and heal people. 

Honor your values. Put people first and avoid everything that makes your heart shriek with horror.

Honor the humanity of your target audience. They’re real people with real problems, not sterile numbers you tally up in a spreadsheet. Lead with love, respect boundaries, and focus on who wants you.

Treat your potential clients and customers the same way you expect other brands and businesses to treat you. Be outstanding, empathetic, and delightful. Your raving fans will thank you.

How will you nurture a deluxe business true to your soul that makes your dream clients and customers feel like superstars?