Tiny Projects Fuel Your Soul and Business

Raise your hand if you’re often focused on the big projects in your business.

Rolling out that stunning, high-converting website in 3 months.

Landing that mega client.

Doubling your yearly revenue in 6 months because you’re leveling up.

All laudable goals, but a little daunting, right?

We get so caught up in our big projects that we have little to no time for the tiny ones to refresh and rejuvenate us.

A one-day passion project just to flex your creative muscle.

A tiny bundle of love notes to your best friends and clients.

Mastering a new twist on an old hobby.

Writing a 5-page novella based on your favorite book or novel.

Writing a 10-page tutorial to help your clients save time, money or energy.

30 minutes gazing at beautiful boutique hotel rooms for your next mini vacay. 

Whatever it is, making time for a tiny project fuels your soul because it ramps up your creativity and confidence. You get to explore all of yourself, not just your business persona, and infuse that richness in your creative projects.

This richness fuels your business because you create fresh, deep content that delights and attracts your ideal clients. You reap the benefits of creating something fun, unique, and energizing outside of work and weave that into the projects that support your livelihood. 

You get better ideas, dive deeper as you create your programs and services, and get more traction on your goals because you bring the brilliance of your whole self to the table. This shapes a deluxe business based on your unique life experiences, great ideas, and robust imagination.

A deluxe business elevates you to a class all your own in the marketplace and eliminates your competition because you’re an original, not a copycat. No one can do your business better than you when you’re authentic and grounded in what makes you different.

Tiny projects fuel your soul and business because they’re full of your energy, brilliance, and fire. They inspire you to do greater things because they demonstrate what you’re capable of in limited conditions and how you can play a bigger game with more resources at your disposal.

Tiny projects also let you test new directions in your business without sinking a ton of money, energy, and time into a wild card you can’t control. You gauge interest in a product or service before making it and save yourself the heartache of launching something nobody wants or needs.

There’re no rules here. You don’t haveto do tiny projects or face a lukewarm business, but it’s useful to make things that don’t have dollar signs and huge goals attached to them, so you don’t lose the joy of creating for the sake of creating.

Take the pressure off. Give yourself permission to play with tiny projects, enjoy a richer imagination, and do greater work in your business.

Explore a tiny project and watch your creativity soar.

How can you leverage the power of tiny projects today?