Be intentional with your thoughts about your life and business

Birthing and sustaining a dream, big idea, or business takes a ton of momentum. You need to watch out for the negativity and dream killers that weigh you down, drain you, and discourage you from reaching for your audacious goals. You’re here to do great things, not languish in mediocrity.

Yes, you’ll make mistakes, fail a few times, and have to start over more than once because that’s just how it goes.


You don’t have to fill your life and ears with negativity and dream killers. 

Say no to those with nothing useful to say.

Say no to those who try to waste your precious time and energy.

Say no to those who make you feel inadequate, unworthy and undeserving.

Say no to those who unknowingly want you to keep you playing small. 

Say no the Dream killers.

Say no to the incurable skeptics who question everything new and trailblazing.

You can’t afford to let them slow you down. They’ll nitpick every little detail, attack your security, and make you doubt the vision in your soul. They’ll treat you like trash when you’re really the deluxe package.

Cease and desist, dear one. There’s a better way to live.

Take a good look at your circle. Who’s always spouting negativity? Who exhausts you? Who do you have to protect your dreams and big ideas from?

These people are the dream killers you need to bless and release if you want to grow, evolve, and succeed.

Please realize that their negativity is about them, not about you, and you don’t owe them your precious time and energy if they’re going to squander both. You decide which ideas and dreams to pursue, and if they can’t accept that, they don’t get to force their toxicity on you.

Even if they’re family members or colleagues you can’t release, limit your exposure to them and keep your dreams secret. Don’t fuel their negativity with important details and plans they’ll just rip apart anyway. 

Access to your life and dreams is a privilege, not a right. Be smart about who you let in.

Take another look at your circle. Who encourages you even when they keep it real with you? 

Say yes to those who believe in you. 

Say yes to those who cheer you on.

Say yes to those who support your big ideas.

Say yes to those who listen without judgment.

These people are the dream builders you need in your corner as you do the great work you’re here to do.

Yes, they’ll criticize you and call you out when you’re wrong, but they’ll do it with love and integrity so you grow stronger from their words, not fall apart under them.

Dream builders understand the risks of innovation. They brainstorm with you as you take smart risks to grow your business and birth your dreams. They’re the mentors, mastermind buddies, business besties, and raving fans who understand where you’re coming from and what you’re going to achieve, which means they’re willing to help you reach your goals.

Be intentional about building your relationships with dream builders and saying no to the dream killers. Protect your space from the energy vampires who want to latch on to you and suck you dry. Seek out genuine, smart, generous men and women who want to see you succeed and give you the fuel you need to make it happen.

Be intentional with your thoughts about your life and business. If you don’t believe that you can rise above obstacles and realize your dreams, you’ll find it incredibly hard to break through plateaus and play a bigger game in your life and business. 

I’m not asking you to chant positive affirmations until you’re blue in the face, but I am asking you to give yourself a chance to birth your dreams and streamline your thought life accordingly.

Identify the negative feedback loops that keep you stuck in ruts and flip them to reinforcing thoughts that move you forward. 

Remember that you’ve made it through rough situations before, even when you thought there was no way out. Trust that you’ll figure it out even if you don’t have all the answers yet. 

You’re a brilliant, innovative business woman, and you’ll find a way because you’re equipped for success.

You’re in charge of who and what you allow into your space. Invite the dream builders into your VIP lounge. Put up a velvet rope to keep out the negativity and dream killers.

You are a temple, not a dumping ground. 

Act accordingly.