How to Get Customers Who Keep Coming Back

Remember your first deluxe experience?

The impeccable service at a fancy restaurant. 

Your first bite of an exceptional home-cooked meal.

The moment you realized your best friend was here to stay.

The first time you created something beautiful, unique, and heartfelt.

Remember how amazing it felt to be seen, heard, and taken care of? How you wanted more of that as soon as possible?

That’s what you need to build into your brand and customer service to get customers who keep coming back.

You rave or rant about your experiences with brands and their customer care all the time. 

The service rep who’s bored, lazy, and plain unhelpful when you call in a problem with your cell phone service. 

The salesperson who hounds you to buy something you don’t want or need.

The shop assistant with impeccable taste who recommends a dress that makes you look and feel like a goddess. 

The live chat assistant who treats you like a human being and doesn’t make you feel stupid because you don’t understand the tech just yet.

You can’t help sharing when you’re cherished or manhandled, and that’s exactly how your customers act after their experience with you. 

If you want them to gush about you to anyone who’ll listen and make you their go-to person in your niche, then you must give them an unforgettable deluxe experience they’ll crave more of. 

Give them a reason to care about you and what you can do for their wellbeing. Ask them what they want and show them how you can fill that void.

When you take the time to get to know and serve your customers, you show that your generosity’s for real. You’re not just trying to get the sale, you’re trying to build a genuine relationship because you care about them. 

You dowant them to lose weight, be bolder in their relationships, start their own businesses, or make other transitions that get them where they want to be. You want to see them win, and you recognize the great privilege of helping them do more than they ever dreamed of. 

When you pamper and delight your customers, they see how much they matter to you, so they want to be around you. You provide exceptional service because you keep your word, overdeliver, and walk them through the best ways to maximize their time with you and reach their goals.

And because you know exactly what they want, you’re able to soothe their pain points and make them feel like a million dollars. You roll out the red carpet and take them behind your velvet rope where they’re VIPs who don’t have to worry about the problem you solve for them because of your attention to detail, excellence, and top-notch service. 

What does this mean for you?

Getting customers who keep coming back is imperative for a healthy, sustainable business that your dream clients love. You’re being generous, delighting the people you’re here to serve, and giving them a reason to become raving fans who snap up everything you offer.

How do you practice this?

Create a seamless purchase process and thank them for trusting you with their wallets. Walk them through what to do as they use your product or service; consider making step-by-step tutorials depending on how complex it is to use your product or service. Make it easy to enjoy this great thing they now have access to.

Build a system on what to do after using your product or service. What’s next? Is there a book, workbook, or other resource they need to take them to the next level? 

Do they need to upgrade from a group program to 1:1 coaching or consulting? Do they need to sign up for a live or virtual event like a retreat, workshop, conference, or summit?

Give them a clear path to follow so they don’t feel like they’re groping in the dark instead of working in daylight.

Treat your customers like people with hearts, not just faceless numbers behind a screen. What’s the best customer service you’ve enjoyed? Top that for your dream clients. Remember, you’re going for irresistible, not average. 

Authenticity’s attractive. Show them how much you care. Show them why you’re the best fit for them. Spoil them so thoroughly that they can’t imagine going anywhere else because you’re the only one who does what you do in the way you do it.

Get your dream clients as customers who keep coming back for more. Invite them into your VIP lounge and give them an exceptional deluxe experience that soothes their pain points and makes them feel like a million dollars. They’ll love you for it and be loyal to you.

How will you create deluxe experiences for your current and future customers?