Experience Your Essence

Feminine wisdom is the power of presence, not the presence of power.

When we’re grounded in our femininity, we don’t push or force anything. We don’t heckle. We don’t use icky fear tactics to sell.

Instead, we’re warm, engaging, and crystal clear on what we’re here to do. We’re tapped into the wisdom within, the intuitive hits and gut instincts that guide our thoughts and decisions. We’re tapped into the power of presence, of showing up fully as all of ourselves, not just the shiny parts that we think other people might like.

Being a successful businesswoman is about knowing who you are and who you’re here to serve. You’re not trying to copy anyone else because you aren’t anyone else, and you recognize that your unique gifts distinguish you in the marketplace.

Your beliefs, worldview, and self-image are the lens that shape your business and determine if you succeed or fail.

Success is blooming in your power and serving your dream clients and customers. Failure is forcing your way into every sale and slaving away for nightmare clients.

Success is recognizing that power is a good thing when you’re loving, intentional, and generous about using it. Failure is misinterpreting power as the right to control people and scare them into working with you.

It’s not about getting people to do what you want whether they like it or not. It’s about inviting them into your world of elegant business ideas and programs that soothe their urgent pain points. It’s about inviting them to consider a different way of living and doing business, a way that gives them room to breathe and unfurl into being their best selves.

Your feminine wisdom makes your presence so powerful because you’re being warm, loving, and generous. Your clients and prospects sense your real desire to help them be who they dream of being. They feel how much you want them to win, to grow and evolve, to bloom into phenomenal businessowners. They sense that your expertise can help them, so they trust you with their hearts and wallets.

All this is possible because you experience your essence.

When you experience your essence, you operate from your inner wisdom, the core of your feminine nature, the matrix that makes you you and pours your special sauce into everything you create. It’s to exhale and enjoy how good it feels to be your true self without trying to emulate mega successful gurus so you can be like them. It’s to discover that being yourself and teasing out your brilliance already place you on the path to success, and you don’t have to force your way to it.

When you experience your essence, you also discover your unique blueprint for doing brilliant, powerful work. You explore what it means to honor your principles and still enjoy effective business practices you feel good about. You realize that power isn’t a dirty word and you don’t have to coerce anyone to work with you because you only want your dream clients and customers coming through your door.

Embrace your feminine wisdom. Embrace the power of your presence. Be generous, intentional, and loving as you run your business.

Dare to bring all of you to the table when you create for your ideal clients and customers.

Dare to experience your essence and invite your femininity out to play in your everyday life.

Your tribe is waiting.