The Package for Profit Business Model

You can make money from paid subscription services for your beloved customers. Whether it’s based on community, content, or a hybrid of the two, your subscribers value immersive solutions for pressing needs, so that’s what they’ll pay you for.

What stellar solutions do you have for their urgent need?

Are you strictly business, personal development, tech support, or something else?

Are your solutions just for them or (also) for the people and pets in their lives and businesses?

For instance, I help female entrepreneurs package their expertise into products that make them money. This helps them earn more, break through income plateaus, and increase their pricing.

I’m super clear on what I do and who I do it for, so all my marketing, branding, and other business strategies do the same thing: illustrate that I teach female entrepreneurs how to package their talent and expertise for profit.

I do this through coaching, consulting, speaking, online programs, and VIP days/retreats, to name a few different ways.

Bottom line?

I know how to package my talent and expertise for profit.

Now, what about you?

Which subscription business model interests you most?

Where can your skills and strengths shine?

Where can your gifts bloom into beautiful art that wows your clients and customers?

Where can you offer elegant solutions to gnarly pain points keeping your ideal clients up at night? Why should they choose you and not someone else?

Your answers are how you package your expertise for profit.

Match what you’re great at with what your tribe needs.

Stellar at public speaking and hosting live events? Entice the people who love live events so they can soak up your knowledge (and buy your other products).

Love teaching online programs and creating online academies? Invite the people who enjoy online courses and give them your very best stuff.

Want to look your clients in the eye while you coach them? Craft intimate VIP days and retreats in deluxe locations that soothe and delight your clients.

Are you seeing the pattern?

Your ideal clients have urgent problems and you have killer solutions. Give them the fruits of your flair and know-how.

Need some ideas to get started?

You can:

  • Create digital and physical information products.

  • Offer individual/group coaching, masterminds, VIP days, etc.

  • Create online experiences like webinars, teleseminars, virtual conferences, etc.

  • Create offline experiences like live events, boot camps, workshops, conferences, trade shows, etc.

  • Create an association and/or membership program.

  • Create an offline/offline academy, licensing, or certification program.

What else can you add to this list?

Brainstorm what’s possible and start crafting your masterpiece.

You’ve got the skills to shine.

Dive in and begin.

Want help designing your “Package for Profit Business Model”?

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Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash