Celebrating Your Client’s Inner Wisdom

You’re here to celebrate the best of your clients.

A woman whose wisdom’s been dishonored doesn’t trust easily. Your job is to help her look within and see her brilliance. Doing this amps up her confidence, self-worth, and self-love.

Have you ever tried to coach, advise, or help a woman mired in negativity? It’s thoroughly frustrating, isn’t it? You see her brilliant potential so clearly, but she’s blinded by the lie that she’s nothing special and has nothing great to offer.

One way to celebrate a woman’s inner wisdom is to teach her how to stand in her power and speak her truth.

Help her see her truth. Help her reclaim her wisdom. Help her peel away the distrust, poor self-esteem, and negative thinking. Lead her through the exercises that spotlight her beauty, worth, wisdom, and gifts.

You might find that one-on-one works best for this kind of thing. Craft luxurious VIP days or mini retreats that get her out of her environment and open her up to soak up the big truths you’re beaming to her. Sometimes we just need a wise, loving confidante to help us see what we’re too afraid or blocked to see.

How do you do this?

Go deep with her. What does she think? What does she feel? What is she focusing on?

Peel off another layer. Why? Why does she think that way? Why does she feel that way? Why is she focused on that?

Take it even farther. What’s she going to do with all this information? How’s she going to act moving forward?

Maybe some wounds come up. Maybe some tears emerge. Maybe she’s mourning the loss of her power and wisdom through past mistakes and tragedies.

She doesn’t have to stay trapped in the past.

It’s time for her to rise.

It’s time for her to reclaim her power. To rediscover her truth. To navigate the tangled web of emotions, beliefs, and experiences that’ve blocked her for far too long. To learn how to guide her attention inward and outward.

When she learns to guide her attention, she’s able to interpret what’s going on in the present moment and take the best action to get the results she wants.

If she’s leaning into her personal power, she can pay attention to how she talks to other people, what she lets them say to her, and how they respond to her lead when she focuses on them. In other words, she determines how she feels in every situation and isn’t controlled by chance or heckling people.

If she’s leaning into her inner wisdom, she can pay attention to what she thinks, why she thinks it, and where it comes from. Does she really believe it? Is she blindly accepting something harmful to her? Does she need to recalibrate her thinking and focus on more positive things?

When she masters the art of guiding her attention and processing the information that comes up, she transforms into a woman who knows her own power and wisdom. She becomes a woman who can “read the room” and respond accordingly. She becomes a woman who directs the flow of power, not one who’s imprisoned by it.

Women who know their own wisdom are warm, powerful, and incredibly business savvy. They know what they bring to the table and trust themselves enough to speak up, share their ideas, and make an impact on the world around them. They know who they are and aren’t afraid to shine.

These bold, wise women know that they’re not what’s happened to them. They’re not the failures, heartaches, and disappointments of their pasts, but survivors of those experiences. They’re not the slurs hurled at them by people they trusted, they’re women who heard those things and kept loving, trusting, and growing anyway.

These powerful women tap into their inner wisdom daily and act from the strength it gives them. They acknowledge the treasure they carry within and constantly draw from it.

Got clients and customers who’re still timid, distrustful, and trapped in negative thinking?

It’s time to help them see the beauty within them so they can rise to be the phenomenal women they’re capable of being.

Be gentle. Be kind. Look past their excuses and show them it’s time to bloom.

Yes, now. Right now.

How can you celebrate your client’s inner wisdom today?

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash