The Peace of Mind Business Model

If you’re like me, you’ve purchased car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, an automobile, appliance, or home warranty, and/or home security service. You invest in these items so you’re prepared for accidents and other emergencies.

As a business owner, maybe you’ve invested in cloud storage, website support, or technical support, something to make your life smooth and easy so you don’t have to worry about it.

What’re you’re looking for when you do this? A feeling of safety and peace of mind.

And what do the founders of these products, services, and programs deliver? Our peace of mind.

Are you seeing the pattern?

Meeting a continuous need brings peace of mind that people pay for to free up their time and emotional energy for other things.

Can you imagine trying to do your best work while worrying about your blog not being backed up? That’s a nightmare just waiting to happen.

Now, think about your ideal audience.

What’re their desires? What do they need on a rolling basis for their peace of mind? Does it involve their business, website, family, pet, health, security, or well-being? Can you weave it into your business as a subscription service?

Meet them where they are. Take their worries off their shoulders so they’re free to be bigger, brighter versions of themselves without fretting over stuff you can handle.


WP Curve

Web Support Team


Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

SimpliSafe Security System

If you have a robust system, well-oiled workflow, or small team, you can totally offer a solopreneur version of this model, especially to your clients who need your service.

Remember, it may be challenging to predict how many of your paying subscribers will need your service frequently. Be sure you’re meeting a pressing need that’s also profitable for you and worth your investment.

You’re building peace of mind into your service, so when your clients need you, it’s critical that you step up and deliver a phenomenal experience.

Be the service provider they happily flock to because you’re just that good.

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