Be Someone’s Yes

Your best work lives in your genius.

Your genius lives in your story.

Your story’s your secret sauce to connect with your dream clients and customers.

Think about your favorite brands. Their brand stories speak to you because they connect to your story in ways that make you see yourself in them. You’re all over these brands because they make you feel seen, heard, and cherished. You give them your money because they draw forth your “Yes” and your emotions.

You’re someone’s “Yes” because your story reflects their story and connects you to their experience. And because story’s one of the strongest containers for joy, pain, fear, and wisdom, your dream clients and customers see the human side of you, not just the business side of you. They see something they can hold on to, something that goes beyond slick marketing and razzle-dazzle ads.

We’ve all scrolled past ads and other content that leave us cold and bored. There’s no stimulation, warmth, or connection because the creator’s story is not our story, so we’re not interested.

But give us a human story, your story, and suddenly we’re sitting up and leaning into our screens to get closer to you. We’re looking up your social media, checking you out, and soaking up all you have to offer because you get us and are speaking right to our pain.

Sharing your hard-won wisdom in your story takes you closer to the people you’re trying to reach. You’re showing them that you’ve got skin in the game because you’re speaking from your head and your heart, your intellect and your experience.

Your experience is super valuable because it plunges your audience right into your story and gives them front row seats to your expertise.

Gone from divorced, heartbroken, and desolate to healed, whole, and joyful?

You can inspire other divorcées and show them there’s vibrant, fulfilling life after one of the heart’s greatest tragedies.

Been abused in various ways and clawed your way out to healing?

You can help other survivors transition from victim to victor and guide them to the best resources for the job.

Built a seven-figure business during a recession?

You can share your journey to inspire and educate other businessowners who want to grow their bottom line and tap into the heart of their target audience.

Your story draws forth someone’s “Yes” because they see themselves where you were and see the way forward because of where you are. Your story’s their compass to powerful solutions that soothe their pain points and urgent needs.

Doing your best work rouses your genius, fills out your story, and draws in the specific men and women who connect to your story and want to be part of your world.

Make a difference with your story. Own it. Don’t be afraid to share it.

Yes, some people might talk. So what? Think of the people who’ll see themselves in you, say “me too,” and want more of your story so they can benefit and grow from it.

Focus on making a difference and fostering vibrant connections, not the white noise of critics and naysayers.

Focus on doing your best work and exploring your genius to craft killer ideas and programs your clients need right now.

Focus on telling your story and reaching the people who need you most, not the haters who have nothing to contribute.

Be someone’s “Yes” today.

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash