The Periodical Business Model

This business model focuses on sending members a printed and/or digital periodical published regularly. This model’s been around for many years, and today more businesses are going purely digital.

You can do your bit for the environment with beautiful, luxurious digital periodicals brimming with your style and unbeatable value. Digital content is supremely pliable, so if periodicals interest you, consider going digital first and adding print later if you desire.


You don’t have to be a writer or journalist to publish your own digital periodical. Got valuable content that meets a specific need? Then you’re all set.

Remember, you can hire ghostwriters to create content in your brand voice and signature style, so if writing isn’t your strong suit, don’t despair! Collaborate with writers who deliver what your brand promises and create an irresistible package your customers are eager to unwrap every time you publish.

Whether you create or curate content−or both−be sure you serve a defined niche where you offer unbeatable value through a digital magazine, report, missive, or newsletter. You’ll delight your ideal customers by making their lives easier with affordable access to your great content.

Offering a valuable periodical at an affordable price might even help promote your more expensive products and services. People love great value, so once they realize you’re the perfect fit for them, they’ll keep coming back for more.

It’s much easier selling to customers who’re already buying and benefiting from you, so brainstorm how to keep repeat customers rolling through your door. Make them raving fans and you’ll never have to worry about selling to someone who’s never invested in your offerings. Craft irresistible deluxe experiences and your subscribers will happily spread the word for you.

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Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash