The Timely Supply Business Model

The Timely Supply Business Model is an e-commerce model. You offer a subscription to a consumable product that your customer desires to replenish on a regular basis. You can offer socks, stockings, shirts, personal grooming tools, diapers, contact lenses, flowers, craft supplies, or even wine.

A lot of people browse through popular e-commerce stores and search engines to find products, services, and programs. The Timely Supply Business Model helps you position your brand as the one that offers convenience, discretion, variety, and better pricing.


Sock Fancy – Sock Fancy offers a monthly subscription to a selection of unique, eye-catching socks.

Dollar Shave Club – Dollar Shave Club is a Venice, California-based company that delivers razors and other personal grooming products to customers by mail. It delivers razor blades on a monthly basis and offers additional grooming products for home delivery.

Club Jerky – Club Jerky offers a half pound of quality, handcrafted jerky sent to your door every month.

Hubble Contacts – Hubble Contacts provides a monthly contact lens subscription.

Again, you can’t do this on your own, so you’ll need a great team to pull it off right.

However, I do encourage asking yourself what you can deliver to your customers on a regular basis, online or offline.

How can you relieve their pressing needs often enough to make your service a no-brainer? How can you package your solution so it’s beautiful, useful, and irresistible? How can you deliver a deluxe experience at an attractive price point that keeps them coming back for more?

Your mission is to stay top-of-mind and what content expert Bernadette Jiwa calls “close-to-heart.” You’re not just someone they’re aware of, you’re who they choose to meet their needs and delight them in the process.

Always remember that you have the privilege of your customers’ choice. Honor that privilege with excellent customer service, quick deliveries, great pricing, and any extra perks that set you apart in the marketplace as the only one for them.

You’re in business to serve. Brainstorm the best way(s) to do that often enough to stay on your leading edge so you’re constantly growing, evolving, and delighting your subscribers.

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