The Owners Club Business Model

An owners club is an inside organization. Members connect and unite around the fact that they own the same specific product and are proud of owning it.

Owners clubs are all about identity, bonding, and belonging. It’s the shared experience that brings them together, sparks conversations, and drives shared activities.


Mini USA Club

Harley Owners Group

As a solopreneur, you can take this model and apply it to your signature offering.

Got an expensive product, like a major training program, that involves substantial commitment in terms of money, time, and energy?

Create a platform that brings together all the people who successfully graduate from the program and gives them the opportunity to keep being together.

Take their experience deeper with insider discussions and additional training (by you) inside a private community space just for those who buy your product and/or graduate from your program.

Give them access to these perks through invite-only recurring subscriptions.

Remember, people are fascinated by velvet ropes and desire to be among the lucky few who get exclusive access.

This is your opportunity to pamper and delight your clients and customers with sumptuous treats and experiences.

Make them feel like A-list celebrities on the red carpet with tickets to the hottest cocktail party in town.

And because you’re offering elegant solutions to their pressing need, you’re positioning yourself as the go-to lady for identity, belonging, and luxurious service.

A lot of women love beauty, luxury, and iconic brands that reflect their worldview. How can you show your clients that you’re one of them, you’re there for them, and you only offer the very best?

This isn’t something you slap together and serve to get it out of the way.

This is something you craft with love, excellence, and beauty. This is something that calls to your ideal clients and draws them to you because you get them and meet them where they are.

This is something that positions your brand as the only brand they’re interested in and committed to for that pressing need.

Take the time to give your best. Enjoy the rewards.

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