The Exclusive Club Business Model

This is like the Discount Club Business Model. Club members get discounts and access to exclusive tickets for members-only free or paid events. They also have early registration privileges for activities and events open to the public.

For example, MoMa (the Museum of Modern Arts) offers unlimited free admission to the museum without waiting in ticket lines. Plus, members have access to members-only gallery talks, exhibition previews, $5 guest tickets, free films, great discounts, exclusive digital content, and more.

In other words, there’re endless ways to entice club members with unbeatable value and exclusive benefits. Shower them with delectable goodies and watch them go crazy over you.



Six Flags

• IEEE Signal Processing Magazine

Does hosting live events make you break out in hives? This probably isn’t your rodeo.

Loving the idea of creating exclusive deluxe experiences in real time? Dive in!

If you already have a membership community, brainstorm what exclusive benefits are the perfect fit for your members so they jump on your offers.

If you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, or trainer hosting live events, this business model invites you to offer VIP breakout sessions, luncheons, cocktail parties, and other deluxe experiences.

Got repeat customers? People love entering velvet-roped areas. Offer them a club membership so they can enjoy your discounts and exclusive events just for them. Put up your own velvet rope around your business with mouth-watering goodies to entice your right people in. Display clips from members-only events so they can see what they’re missing and make sure they’re on your guest list next time.

Nobody likes missing out (FOMO, anyone?). Make sure your tribe knows exactly why they need your discounts, large content library, and exclusive live events.

Remember, you’re there to solve their problems & meet their burning needs. It’s not about slick marketing or sleazy sales, but bright, beautiful, heart-centered solutions and experiences.

Dare to show up with all you’ve got to give.

Yes, it’s enough.

You’re enough.

Just as you are.

What’re you waiting for?



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