The Discount Club Business Model

In this business model, members pay an annual club membership fee so they’re eligible to buy the club’s products at a discounted wholesale price. Sometimes, being a paying member’s the only way to buy such products.

You get revenue in two ways, from annual membership fees and product and service sales. Most of your revenue comes from selling your products and services, so when people become club members, encourage them to buy from you and make the most of their investment with you.

Pause for a moment.

Why’re you the best fit? What’re you offering that no one else can match? How’re you splashing your special sauce all over your offerings and making them irresistible to your club members?

Communicate and deliver unbeatable value, and your people will flock to you.


·       Costco

·        Sam’s Club

·       BJ’s Wholesale Club

·        Inky Path Members Community

You must have a huge catalog of products and services for this biz model to attract your customers and be profitable for you. It’s harder for solopreneurs to apply, so consider your content library and see if it’s the perfect fit for you or not.

My colleague Cigdem Kobu’s community is The Inky Path Writers’ Community. While the community aspect is forefront as the most valuable benefit, she also promotes the special 25% discount that members get for all her Master Classes. Many members enjoy this substantial discount, so they sign up for the classes.

What discounts can you offer to benefit and fascinate your club members? The more attractive your discounts are, the easier it’ll be to create a paying community that jumps on them.

For instance, if you’re a coach who also runs a community, offer your members special discounts on your coaching sessions, packages, and group workshops.

A caveat:

Please give discounts you’re happy to give. Don’t force it and then resent yourself or your members for it. Remember that you don’t have to apply this biz model, so if it doesn’t speak to you, drop it and explore something else.

You want to feel great about your business from the inside out, so ditch everything that makes you feel resentful, inauthentic, or less than your superstar self.

Stay true to your values, stay fabulous, and share your irresistible genius your way. Your business is yours and you have to deal with it day in and day out, so make it luscious, beautiful, and captivating.

Your tribe is waiting.

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