How to Differentiate Your Website

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Now you’re part of my sparkling posse, you can look forward to regular blog posts  that support your ideas as you serve more, earn more, and give more. My desire is to provide clear, direct tips to do all that and more.

Today, I'd like you to remind you that your website is either helping you build your brand or it isn't.  Meaning, it's a good idea to focus on whether or not your website shows people why they should work with you versus someone with a similar offering. You already know that a clear and compelling value proposition a.k.a. your point of differentiation plus a pleasant personality provides all that you need to capture the sale.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. Is the purpose of your site and your message crystal clear to the visitor at first glance?

  2. Will a new visitor who comes to your website and who doesn’t know you at all get what your work is all about at one glance?

  3. Will a new visitor who comes to your website get why you and your work are unique and different from hundreds of other people in your line of work?

  4. Does you home page clearly explain who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how to buy from or contact you?

  5. Is your logo and header of high quality, and do they communicate your brand?

  6. Do you know who your perfect people are, and does your website clearly address that specific target audience only?

  7. Do you have a “red rope policy” in place for keeping your wrong people at bay, and does your website put that policy to use?

  8. Is it immediately clear who is behind your website, and is that person (you) introduced with all her humanity?

  9. Is your picture immediately visible to the first-time visitor?

  10. Does your copy give your visitors a taste of your authentic story in a way that they can identify with you?

  11. Does your website have a distinct personality?

  12. Does your tagline reflect the purpose of your website accurately, memorably and unmistakably?

  13. Is the name of your site easy to pronounce, write and remember?

  14. Is your tagline and your overall website memorable?

  15. Is the color scheme of your website a good match for your brand?

  16. Is the overall color scheme in line with the feeling you desire to awaken in your visitors and your right people?

  17. Are the content and design of each page of your website congruent?

Take some time to go over the questions, and keep in mind that the right answer to all of the questions is “YES.” 

If you seem to have a lot of "NO"s don't lose heart! You need to be clear about what needs to be changed or improved, but you don't have to fix everything at once. That would be unrealistic.

It's better to take your time and aim to eat this huge elephant one bite at a time. Focus on the most important improvements needed and work on them together.

This work, even when done slowly, will empower your website by transforming it into a healthier, more functional and result-bringing place because your right people will be drawn to it, they will love what they find there, and be attracted to delve deeper into what you’re offering them.

Would you like support with creating a value proposition that helps you to leapfrog the market and make the idea of competition irrelevant? 

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Photo by STIL on Unsplash