The “do-it-yourself concept” is highly over-rated

Defy the Lie...

Teamwork makes the dream work. – Les Brown

Hi there beautiful one,

Do you find yourself with a never-ending to-do list? Do you long for work-life balance?  Do you wish you had a few more hours each day?

I feel your pain. For a long time, I used the excuse of “I can’t afford it” when it came to hiring other people.  I learned the “hard way: that the “do-it-yourself concept” is highly over-rated.  In order to run a thriving business, your name cannot be on every to-do-list item. The idea of the “do-it-yourselfer” is a romantic and costly notion.

A successful, scalable and sustainable business needs the expertise of many people. There is absolutely no way that you can be the CEO, accountant, graphic designer, web designer, administrative assistant, customer service agent and every other role needed to run a business that brings you joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

The simple truth is that the attempt to do everything yourself leads to burnout and overwhelm.
Give yourself permission to ask for and receive the personal and professional support needed to bring your vision into fruition.

Here is a brief list of internal and external key partners that can help you take your life + business to the next level of success.    

  • Business Coach + Revenue Strategist

  • Accountant/Book-keeper

  • Legal team (Small Business Attorney, Intellectual Property Attorney)

  • Project Management team (Virtual assistant, On-the-ground assistant, project manager, data entry, social media tasks, etc.)

  • Visual Team (Photography, Videography, Graphic Designer, Web Designer)

  • Writing Team (Copywriter, Editor, Content creator/producer/designer)

  • Acting Coach, Voice Coach, Etiquette Coach, etc.

  • Image (Hair, Skin, Nails, Makeup, Wardrobe)

  • Clergy/Spiritual Advisor

  • Mentor/Mastermind Partner

  • Healer (Massage, Reiki, Energy work, Feng Shui, etc.)

  • Creative (Artist, Illustrator, Musician, Poet)

  • Health (Personal trainer, Nutritionist, Chef)

  • Concierge (Errand runner, driver, travel agent, etc.)

  • Child Care, Nanny, etc.

  • Housekeeper, Maid, Handyman, Landscaper, etc.

My gift today is the gift of support. This list may be a bit intimidating upon first glance.  I believe that learning how to ask for the support that you need will help your business grow faster. Why? Because together, we are stronger.

I extend my prayers for avalanches of abundance – Love, Light, Health, Peace, Joy and Prosperity – to fall into your life.

May everything that you touch be blessed. :-) <3


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash