The River

Did you hear about the entrepreneur in the office next to mine? She jumped off of the bridge into the muddy river of self-hatred. It is a miracle that she survived.

She survived in spite of the fact that the water was filled with words that burned a hole in her soul. Messages that affirmed her deepest fears: “You are inadequate. You are unworthy. You are flawed. You are stained. You are alone. You are broken.Your parents abandoned you. You can’t survive without your spouse. You were too much for him/her so he/she left. You are emotionally unstable. You are financially unstable. You don’t have what it takes to be an artist. You are a waste of space, a waste of time. God doesn’t hear you. You are not forgiven. Kill yourself. Give Up.”

She searched desperately for words of hope and inspiration but there were none. She was terrified and started screaming for help. She needed a life preserver and none was available.

As her lungs filled with water, she prayed for a miracle and began to slip into unconsciousness. She told us that’s when she heard the whisper “Self-love starts with conscious self – knowledge that you are both sacred and divine.” 

The miracle was at the moment she agreed and her body relaxed and she was able to float to safety.


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Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash