The Power of Positivity In Your Network

They say we are the culmination of the five people closest to us.

Look at the people around you. How does that statement make you feel? For some people, it makes them feel better because they are surrounded with positive family members, friends, clients, and customers. They wake up each day and have conversations with people who enhance them.

Other people have to deal with being constantly surrounded by negative energy. They try and try every single day to maintain a positive mindset and to see things on the bright side, but they constantly feel the people around them bringing them down.

Who do you surround yourself with?

Do you surround yourself with people who lift you up, care about you deeply, and push you to your full potential?

Or are you surrounded by negative, complaining, and energy-draining people?

You know I believe very much in energy and the energy around us. If we are not careful, there are many different kinds of negative energy we can get pulled into.

Some of these energy traps include:

  • Getting stuck in our own way

  • Constantly being forced to prove our worth

  • Having to fight to get paid for our work output

  • Dealing with negative energy

  • Feeling exhausted and burnt out by the end of the day


All of these are recipes for disaster when it comes to our business. When we constantly feel drained and exhausted by those around us, we cannot reach our full potential and serve the world with our gifts.

Serving the world is our ultimate purpose on this planet, and we cannot do that when we constantly feel sad and depressed.

Here are my tips for improving your network around you so you can live up to your own potential:

1. Find people who energize and inspire you.

After your interactions with the people closest to you, pay attention to how you feel. Some people will energize and inspire us. Those are the people you want to bring into your life on a closer level.

Make a list of the people who make you feel good and find ways to spend more time with them on a regular basis.

2. Help the people you want to bring into your life.

Sometimes the people we want to connect to are very busy people with a lot on their plate at any given moment. The way to get their attention is to bring them something of value.

Value for each person is subjective, but pay attention to what they do and say. This will eventually give you an idea of something that they need help with and a way to provide that value.

When you provide that value, they will instantly see you as someone important. Many of the people around them are constantly asking them for things and you will be one the one single person giving them something instead. It will definitely get their attention.

3. Keep checking on your network and your feelings.
After each interaction, focus on how you feel. Some people you were originally excited to network with ended up draining your feelings and your energy. Don’t be scared to adjust as you go with the people you have brought into your life. If someone no longer fits, that is okay.


4. Extend this to your friendships, family, customers and clients.

Many people think this only applies to our significant others and closest friends, but this also extends to our customers and clients as well. They are essential to our overall feelings about our business and happiness.

5. Share your gratitude.

For those people in your life who make you feel wonderful and support your dreams, always show gratitude for how much they have done for you.

Sending gifts, thank you notes, or even referrals are ways to thank the people in your network on a consistent basis.

6. Limit social media and e-mails.

Social media is a wonderful tool we can use to grow our business, make money and network with people all over the world. However, if we are not careful, we can fall into the trap of being sucked into the negativity that surrounds many of the comment sections on websites.

Try to limit the negative websites and people as much as you can. Of course, we can’t avoid every aspect of the internet, but make a note of the worse offenders and adjust accordingly.

7. Be open but selective.

As your business and network grow, you will see that the demands on you and your time will grow as well. More people will want things from you and it is up to you to decide if you want to fulfill these wishes or not.

Creating small barriers can help you limit your interactions. If something turns into a consulting job more than a friendship, be sure to bring up your fees so you get paid for your time if they need more work and help than originally planned. As great as it feels to help everyone, you also need to keep the lights on and a roof over your head.

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash