The Courage to Start Again

We all come to the point when we have to begin again. Whether we’ve failed at something, closed an old chapter, or ended an intimate relationship, we have to pick up the pieces and start fresh with a blank slate.

It’s scary to put ourselves out there yet again and invest our time, money, energy, and emotions in something/someone new. How do we keep our hearts open and not close ourselves off to new experiences?

Start small.

Depending on the project or relationship you’re nurturing, you might be tempted to dive in headfirst and figure it out as you go along. That’s great for mojo, but not so great if you fall into overwhelm.

Start small and write down your intentions for your new venture. Why is it important to you? Why must you do it? What will change if you do it, and what will happen if you don’t?

Get clear on your motivations to start again and make sure you’re not lugging around any toxic emotional baggage that’ll derail your efforts.

Make a doable action plan.

Now that you’re clear on your intentions and motivations, act on them in a consistent, effective manner by making an action plan that breaks everything down into bite-sized chunks. Do something every day that moves you forward.

When you keep your actions simple, you have a better chance of success than you’d have if you tried to do everything all at once.

Having a doable action plan also preps you for success because it keeps your new project/relationship front of mind, and focuses your attention on moving forward no matter what.

And if you need to tweak your action plan to better fit your circumstances, you act from flow because you’re immersed in your new thing. This immersion lets you course correct quickly & effectively, particularly when you call in outside help to get you through the tough times.

Rally support.

I’ve already talked about coaches, masterminds, accountability buddies, and supportive girlfriends/tribe members, so I’ll just remind you to get the help you need to stay on track for your goals.

You can’t do it all alone, and you shouldn’t have to. It’s much easier to keep going when you have people who believe in you cheering you on and urging you to do your best. It helps when you have someone who gets what you’re doing light your fire when your flames sputter out.

Release your attachment to specific outcomes.

Sometimes we want to know exactly how our desires will manifest and unfold, and we only get in our own way when we do that.

Declare your intentions and desires, and let the Universe handle all the details for you. Know what you want to happen, yes, but release having to know how it happens. Let your new path unfold and trust that it’s working out for your highest good. Make space to receive what’s coming and stay open to your intuition’s cues so you can ride the wave of events, not be submerged by it.

Starting again is always a bold step, so recognize your efforts and appreciate yourself for committing to it. Design a seamless experience that lets you start small, make a doable action plan, rally support, and release any attachment to specific outcomes.

When you stay open to the flow of the Universe and show up from a place of love, grace, and confidence, starting again feels easier and more fun. Give yourself the time and space to ease into your journey so you can reach the finish line and feel the way you want to feel.

Photo by Ryan Riggins on Unsplash