The Courage to Say No

So far we’ve talked about the courage to do bigger, bolder things.

We’ve looked at being vulnerable, playing bigger, starting again, showing up, and looking fear in the eye. We’ve talked about the importance of doing your great work, exploring your genius, and other yummy goodness.

Today we’re talking about something equally important−the courage to say no.

You gotta be ninja-like about your time and resources. Every time you say no to something, you say yes to something else.

Embracing the power of saying no makes you more discerning of where to spend your time and energy.

You need to say no to some things because you can’t say yes to everything. You can’t say yes to the bake sale and the carpool and the swimming committee and camping. You can’t say yes to everything on the buffet table, and you can’t say yes to every single thing in life and business, either.

So why do you say no?

It doesn’t light you up.

If you’re not excited about it, it’s not for you right now. Maybe you’ll be interested later, maybe you won’t.

Either way, don’t burn precious hours in drudgery because you feel you “have” to say yes. You don’t “have” to do anything that goes against your gut & doesn’t light your fire, except your tax returns! Tax returns are crucial.

Ditch the boring & go for thrilling.

It’s not vital to your growth.

Sometimes we take on opportunities that scare us shitless because we know it’s time to grow. We carve out time for them because they matter enough to us and expand our capabilities.

So if it’s not growing you, it’s not glowing you; say no to it! You already have your play & leisure activities in place, and you don’t need any moths eating up your time and energy.


It only distracts you from your bigger goals.

We’re constantly asked to give up our time and attention to something, so we must be discerning when we decide what to take on.

No matter how great an opportunity or request seems, if it’ll distract you from your bigger goals & intentions, it’s a hell no.

You can use a short checklist for each new request so it’s easier to say yes or no pretty quickly. If you need more time, be sure you’re not driven by fear or obligation.

When you say no to the non-essentials, you make space for the revolutionary opportunities that grow you, delight you, and fill you up inside. You save your time, attention, and energy for the projects that really matter to you and nudge you closer to mastery.

It’s not about trying to do everything, it’s about only doing the right thing for you.

Have the courage to say no to the maybes so you have room for the hell yeses.

You are the stewardess of your resources. Act accordingly.

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash