The Courage to Let Go

Life is a series of trapeze bars. You have to let go of each one so you can grasp the next one.

Moving forward means leaving behind the people and situations you’ve outgrown. Just like you leave behind kindergarten before you go to high school and college, you leave behind your old life to step into your new one.

Whenever it’s time for change or growth, it’s time to let go of your old trapeze bar and leap towards the new one.

Here’re 5 signs it’s time to let go:

It no longer serves you.

If you find yourself chafing at restrictions, chances are you’re in a relationship or space that’s too small for you.

As our visions expand, our needs and desires expand to meet them. What worked for you as an infant can’t keep you going as an adult, so be sure you’re not lingering in relationships and spaces that’ve stopped nourishing you.

You resent it.

Hoo boy! Resentment is a HUGE red flag every time it pops up. Pay attention and ask yourself what you’re resenting, why, and how you can fix it. Resentment may not be a deal-breaker, but it’s definitely a game-changer.

Don’t suffer in silence−speak up & fix what needs fixing so you’re not seething with resentment.

It doesn’t challenge you or grow you.

If you’re prowling the walls with boredom, is it really the best use of your time & skills? Although we have to be consistent to get good at anything, we don’t have to be bored while we’re at it.

Even our hobbies get boring when they stop challenging us or packing the punch we’re used to.

It’s great to be proficient, but you also want to be sure you keep moving in an upward spiral. If you’re stuck on one level for too long, you’re robbing yourself of the growth opportunities in moving forward.

Evaluate where you spend your time & energy and stop everything with diminishing returns. You have too much inside you to settle for stasis and zero challenges.

It blocks your golden opportunities.

If you’re spending your time chasing minnows, you can’t reel in the big fish.

Undercharging keeps you from working with your dream clients and feeling glorious in your business.

Accepting projects that don’t excite you because you need the money stops you from taking the projects that’re perfect for you and your pocket.

You can’t accept anything fresh & exciting if your arms are full of the old & gloomy. Let it go!

You’re the only one trying to make it work.

If you’re the only one pouring time, energy, & attention into a relationship or venture, it’s not gonna survive. You need the regular, positive input of the other parties for true, lasting success, so if you don’t have it & it’s not forthcoming, let go. Your resources are too precious to waste on dead-ends.

The courage to let go of everything you’ve outgrown preps you for the next level of success and evolution. You can’t surge forward if you’re still attached to the relationships & projects that weigh you down, suck you dry, & hold you back. Drop the deadweight and stay open to the fresh & thrilling awaiting you.

Photo by Gabriel Sanchez on Unsplash