The Courage to Lead From Within

Leading from within is a softer, more intuitive model than it's counterpart of guidelines, performance and objectives. Femininity is lush, sensual, open and flexible. Translating that into a business structure leads to making decisions very differently than businessmen do.

The courage to lead from within is the courage to slow down, take a few deep breaths, and “feel” into the business at hand.

Quite literally, how does the project/decision/request before you make you feel? Are you excited? Elated? Eager to discover what awaits you? Or are you hesitant, repulsed, uncertain, or flat out uninterested?

Your intuition knows, and it’s intuition that makes the difference between leading from within and leading solely from the head. Use your head, yes, but bring your gut along for the ride. You cannot hope to craft a business that warms your heart and feeds your Soul if you don’t consult them every step of the way; thinking alone is not enough to harness your feminine magic and business savvy.

So if you’re leading from within, you’re asking yourself the questions that go beyond the bottom line: Is this in tune with my values? Will this action/decision/project make me a happier, wiser person? Am I showing up in my highest truth and bringing all of myself to the table? Does this feel good?

Taking the time to answer these questions before every big decision will keep you pointed towards your North Star and on top of your game. If you find yourself feeling heavy and out of sorts, chances are you’ve been skipping the self-reflection that keeps you headed where you want to go.

It’s important to lead from within so you can unleash your feminine magic on yourself and your business. You have the creative fire of the Divine Feminine within you, but if you don’t invite it out to play, it’ll stay out of your reach juuust below the surface and leave you feeling like you’re missing something without knowing what it is. And that’s never a fun feeling, is it?

When you tap into your feminine magic, you access the softness and flexibility that is the very nature of the feminine. It’s a holistic perspective that uses all your gifts to create a haven for you and your clients. Ever find yourself drawn to a businesswoman who just has something about her that’s magnetic, soothing, yet oddly invigorating? That’s a woman acting from her power, baby; don’t you want to know how that feels?

You need courage to lead from within because your way may not be the popular way, but it’ll be what works for you and your biz. Do you have the strength to blaze your own path and let your gut lead the way? The idea is to combine your head-knowledge with your heart-knowledge to make an unstoppable duo. How fulfilled you feel in your biz will depend on how true you are to your deepest desires and intuitive gifts.

I recommend a journaling practice as a great way to tap into your feminine energy. Taking a few minutes each day to clear your head of white noise will create the pockets of silence you need to hear your intuition speak soft and clear. It’ll also make it easier for you to differentiate between fear, recklessness, indecision, and a genuine shift in the right direction. If you feel you can’t understand what’s going on, keep writing and asking questions until you feel the ‘click’ of your intuition opening up.

Chatting with a biz girlfriend who gets you is also a great way to access your intuition−just talking about your hopes, dreams, and intentions can spark lightning bolts of clarity & inspired action. Hashing stuff out with an empathetic girlfriend has a way of cutting through the fuzz and illuminating the path forward; I know you know what I’m talking about!

Leading from within is simple when you have the right tools at hand. Give yourself the time and space to dive deep for the pearls awaiting you. Infusing your feminine magic into your biz = a biz that’s wholly you & thoroughly fulfilling; and really, isn’t that why you became an entrepreneur in the first place?

How will you explore leading from within?

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash