The 7 Places To Post Your Video For Maximum Exposure

When you have an idea that can serve others, it is your duty to share your ideas with the world.

Honey, you need to learn some marketing. Just posting up your knowledge isn’t always good enough; you need to put your content where eyeballs can see it.

Video marketing is a great idea for many business owners. There is a great comfort in seeing someone’s facial expressions when they describe their ideas.

Once you post great content, you need to make sure to share it to different channels.

Here are seven of the sites I have found that help expand your video views:

  1. Facebook wall. Whether it is your personal Facebook page or your business fan page, you need to be sharing your videos there. The amount of people on Facebook alone gives the video a chance to be seen by a lot of people. You never know who could resonate your video and share it with their friends, family, and fans.

  2. Vimeo. Vimeo has a niche community much smaller than YouTube. The community there focuses on video quality, but if you have a video that has been professionally produced, it is worth a shot. They also don’t have advertisements on the videos, which a lot of your fans might like since that will save them time.

  3. YouTube. Girl, if you haven’t heard of YouTube I don’t know what you have been doing. More than 1 billion unique visitors go to YouTube every single month. Also, on the side of each video is a whole stream of related videos, so it is incredibly easy to get referral traffic constantly.

  4. Blip TV. Blip TV is perfect for people who have created series out of the content they have created. Many of the people there are producers who are trying to get noticed. If your business fits within that niche, it is definitely worth checking out.

  5. DailyMotion. Daily Motion uses mainly HD, beautiful videos. In 2011, Google rated Daily Motion as the 44th most visited site on the Internet. Let’s just say, there are definitely eyeballs there to see your content.

  6. Viddler. Viddler is interesting in the fact that it you can create private communities, view video analytics, encode files, and can even use in-timeline tagging and commenting. It can also use a wide variety of upload formats for those of you who film videos in different formats.

  7. Google Plus. Google Plus’ best features are the ability to do live streaming while also recording it to your YouTube channel for views later. This is a perfect idea for interviews or a live Q & A. Also, Google Plus works similarly to Facebook in the way that if you post your videos, your followers can share it within their networks with the click of a button.

You already know the power of visuals. If a person finds your brand attractive, there is a strong possibility that they will binge watch your channel. Consistency is important. Just be yourself and share ideas and information that will help someone solve a problem and/or achieve a goal.

In the comment section, please share your favorite channel.

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash