Staying Authentic With Hard Business Decisions

One thing I see business owners constantly struggle with is staying authentic when multiple business decisions come to their door.

As soon as you start down a path that is not authentic to who you truly are, you will feel this tension in your soul and this will lead you to experiences of self-sabotage, anxiety, self-doubt, stuck energy, or quitting on all your goals.

If you are someone who naturally leans toward speaking, people may demand that you engage in daily blogging. If you go along with this instead of honoring you desires to perhaps record a daily video, you will feel stuck and overwhelmed. The last thing you want and/or need is to commit to tasks that drain your time, energy and resources.

One of the biggest obstacles I coach people through is stuck energy. You know that feeling when you have every available resource at your fingertips to get something done, but you can’t seem to make any progress? That’s stuck energy.

My goal is to keep you as far away from that as possible.

With the New Year coming around the corner, you are probably thinking about where you want to take your business.

You see all the people in your industry doing new things and you’re wondering what you should do, where you should take your brand, what products you should release, where you should speak… It’s all a long list of potential projects you can bring to your brand.

Each of these decisions will have an impact on who you are and what you do.

Making decisions that align with our ultimate vision and our most authentic selves isn’t always easy. Most of the decisions you make throughout this year will either make you extremely happy or extremely miserable depending on how much closer you feel to your authentic self.

Here are some of the steps I take to create authentic business decisions:

1. Create an ultimate business and personal vision.

When I know the end goal of where I’m trying to go, I can figure out when decisions get me closer to that vision and when they don’t.

Making decisions without an end point is like driving without a destination. You will ultimately end up driving in circles with any final point so it is ultimately confusing and never ending.

Write out what you want your legacy to be. Create a vision board if you must.

2. Make a list of “yes” and “no”.

What I mean by this is for you to decide what you will and will not do along your path as a business owner.

We all know what we enjoy to do and what we don’t enjoy doing. If there is a way to outsource or completely cut out the things you don’t enjoy, then be sure to budget for those services. If it is something you must do, find a way to make it enjoyable if you can.

Sign up for speaking gigs if that energizes you. If website design makes you too stressed out, hire someone. If you want to travel make sure to attend events in other states and countries.

3. Take a break.

Sometimes taking a break can give you the clarity you need to break through. When we are overworked, stressed, and exhausted, it can prevent us from hearing our hearts calling. Our passions get hidden under ever-growing To-Do lists and demands from the people around us.

This could be anything from a weekend off to a few weeks off to recharge the batteries. It is within silence that we can hear our inner guidance tell us our next steps.

4. Ask someone we admire or hire a coach.

After doing all the steps above, sometimes you will come to the conclusion that you need even more guidance. This is where a mentor, coach, or asking someone who has been in this position before can benefit you.

5. Any decision is better than no decision at all.

Don’t let your dreams and goals stay in your to-do list. I see far too many people stay in stuck energy because they aren’t sure what to do at all.

I can guarantee that taking no action at all won’t get you closer to your goals.  While you might feel productive thinking about what choice you want to make, you must take action.

6. Always adjust as you go.

There are many things that might sound good in theory but don’t work for you and your life once they are executed.

You might find that a project or goal no longer suits you and your vision. It is perfectly okay to let go and adjust your course with this new knowledge.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash