Who are you selling to?

Who are you selling to?

If you said, “Everyone!” then honey, we need to talk about your business.

You can’t sell to everyone. You need to have a specific group of people you know that you help the best.

The problem a lot of my clients have is narrowing down the specific people they can help. Plus this will help you align your business with the people you like to work with.

Imagine if Coco Chanel decided she wanted everyone in the world to have her bag. Then it would lose its luster and brand name. Coco Chanel imagined a classy, elegant, beautiful woman who would wear her outfits and accessories. She even integrated the colors grey and navy blue into her fashion line, although they were considered masculine colors at the time, because she knew the buyers she was targeting wanted to make bold statements.

You ideally want someone to come across you and your work and know immediately if you are the answer to his or her problems.

This is why developing a buyer persona is so essential to growing your business: Because if you sell to just anyone you’ll get just anyone.

Here are my tips for narrowing down and developing your buyer persona:

1. Do you know someone personally who would be your ideal client? Is there a client you worked with in the past that is your absolute ideal client?

If so, tailor your marketing to something that you know would attract them. What do they care deeply about? What do they pay attention to? What is important in their lives? Answering all of these questions can help you get more specific on who you like to work with and attract the customers who are right for your business.

2. Check your site to see if it aligns with your buyer persona.

If you have to, ask your ideal client what would grab their attention, or even send them your site and ask if it speaks to them.

Like I said, honey you aren’t Wal-Mart and your clients aren’t “everyone”. Doing the two steps above will completely change your business and bring you good clients.

3. Check all of your marketing materials to ensure that you are speaking directly to the hopes, dreams and aspirations of your ideal client.

Whether you consider yourself a string writer or not, I highly encourage you to take a copywriting class. As I said before, your website copy, social media posts and all marketing materials must be congruent. This is easier said than done, so please hire the support needed to ensure a consistent brand message.

In closing, allow me to share that it is really easy to focus on how we can help a client. Over the years I've learned that the client cares about the transformational result" of your work more than you may realize. Meaning, your branding, marketing, advertising and sales materials must speak directly to the solution that you provide. If you are unclear in anyway, you will lose the sale. Why? because confused buyers do not invest.  If you'd like support in this area, please sign up for a CLARITY session. I can help you to increase sales and grow your business on your terms. 

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash