Feeling Invisible Online?

Do you have a hard time getting people to notice you and your work?

Do you feel like your running in circles and if only someone would notice how amazing you are it would change everything?

Honey, it is time for you to get off the hamster wheel and get on the path to a successful business.

You deserve a thriving business that stands out in your industry while also honoring you and your ultimate vision.

Standing out in your industry is easier than most people tell you it is. They want you to think that you need an MBA to be able to understand differentiation, but you know I am here to illuminate the truth.

You are unique in your own right, and there are many different ways to show it so potential clients understand right away how you can help them. 

Here are some tips to standing out in your industry:

What language do they use?  As you listen to the needs of your ideal clients, you'll observe they use the same terminology about 99% of the time. In order to attract a customer, you must be able to capture, understand and adjust your marketing to communicate that you are an ally. 

For example, you'll notice that most people do not say "Tell me, what is your value proposition?" They might say "Why should I hire you?" or "What makes you different?" They might also say "Oh! I get it! You are like so-and-so, right?" In each of those examples you're presented with the opportunity to be unapologetically you. Authenticity has no competition therefore your ability to communicate 'in their language' with clarity, brevity and authority, will set you apart. 

Are you willing to customize your product, service and program offerings? Most coaches offer group coaching, individual coaching, VIP days retreats, home study courses and/or a continuity program. When everyone in your industry has a similar offer, it is easy to be lazy. Your ability to 'make the competition irrelevant' is determined solely by your level of customer service and engagement. 

I created Creating Money to stand out in my industry since it is such a different experience than the usual business coaching style. It is a group coaching + mastermind program that includes journalling, art, photography, videography, music and dance. Designing the experience in this manner is a mutually beneficial win. The client receives an immersion based experience so that the learning is embodied. I stand out from the coaches who teach business model design and revenue strategy in a very "heady" manner. 

Bring your own experiences to your business. No one has been through what you have been through and you bring a completely different view than anyone else in your industry. 

Sharing your own personal stories, setbacks, and successes will make people see you as different from a sea of sameness. Instead of being ashamed of my business failure, bankruptcy, foreclosure and divorce, I used those experiences as learning lessons and stepping stones. You can do the same. 

Bring your online audience offline. Have you noticed that there are a lot of keyboard ninjas online? Some people pretend to be successful online and when you meet them in person, they confess their struggles. It is a lot easier to help someone who shows up in integrity.

I'm not suggesting that you cannot make money on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. What I am saying is that it is alot easier to deepen a connection with someone who is standing directly in front of you, than it is with someone hiding behind a computer screen. . 

Stop hiding behind your computer screen. Yes. We live in a society that loves to build people up, then tear them down. It is amazing how many people believe in freedom, yet can't handle a thought or experience different from their own. 

Yes. People will offer unsolicited advice about every area of your life - relationship, sex life, food choices, vacation choices, parenting style, your wardrobe and so on. Be visible anyway. 

Yes. People will perform research to uncover the skeletons in your closet. Be visible anyway. 

Yes. You will be judged, criticized and lied on. Be visible anyway. 

Yes. People will come out of the woodworks asking you for money. Be visible anyway.

Admittedly, these things can be scary. The truth is dying with all of your potential locked inside is frightening. There is no need to live a live of regret. Today is a good day to suit up, stand up and BE "unapologetically you." YOU can make a positive difference in our society.

Here are a few ides to kickstart your visibility strategy:

  • Submit guest articles to major publications.

  • Apply to speak at large conferences.

  • Seek out opportunities to be interviewed on tv and radio.

  • Start a networking group, association or academy.

  • Start your own YouTube or Vimeo channel. Crete your own version of a reality tv show.

  • Reach out to "famous" people and ask them to try out your products, services and programs.

  • Apply to be a spokesperson for your favorite brands.

Share in the comments what brands you think have done a good job of standing out in their industry!

If you need even more guidance, you should consider signing up for Creating Money. It is for women ready to walk the path of power, celebrate their creativity and create more money. 

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash