Creating Clarity With Your Value Proposition

Creating a clear value proposition is essential to any business.

A value proposition clearly states the benefit you bring to a potential client when they hire you.

A great value proposition demonstrates why you are the obvious choice in your industry, and how you stand out from all of your competitors. It appeals to your ideal target market, and brings them to you automatically.

Your customers have specific problems that they need solved, and by telling the world that you are the expert on solving those problems, they will gladly pay whatever you’re asking in order to get those problems solved.

Here are the steps to create a clear value proposition:

1. What is the “before” and “after” for your customers and clients?

What specific changes do you bring to your clients? Getting as specific as possible makes you stand out in your industry. Do you help them get organized? Make six figures? Find happiness?

Call your old clients and customers and ask them what you specifically changed for them. You might find a thread you didn’t even know you did.

2. Highlight the benefits that are specific to your target market.

Your ideal target market has specific outcomes that are important to them. One example is mothers trying to achieve a work life balance. That is a specific and detailed benefit that you bring and the wording must be completely different than another target market.

3. Ask potential customers if your message speaks to them.

This step requires a little humility, but by being open and honest you will be surprised at the feedback you can receive from the market place when you ask.

4. Study other magnetic people.

Study people who have that magnetic energy and attract customers effortlessly. There is so much we can learn from people who have mastered the art of customer attraction.

Ask fans of theirs what attracted them initially. What words/articles/content got them hooked? What made them finally decide to buy?

5. Put numbers and proof to your claims.

Do you have testimonials or concrete proof of your results? The more concrete data you can provide, the more people will line up to hire you as soon as they can. Many people in the Internet make claims without proof, so this will already set you apart.

Photo by Ty Williams on Unsplash