Committing to your heart’s desire

Creating your dream life and business isn’t always easy.

It can be full of ups and downs and lots of doubts about being on the right path, but by following that quiet voice in your heart, you can find yourself in the most amazing places you never expected.

If this is one of your times of doubt, this is my letter and promise to you.

I promise … rock bottom can be a beautiful place..

I promise  …  one day it won’t be so hard.

I promise …  you can create a life and a business that you love and that serves you.

To get there, you must engage in life-long learning and personal development.

Sometimes you will find yourself flat on your face; sometimes you will find yourself on top of the world. No matter where you are, you must keep progressing forward and continue to engage in activities that expand your paradigm of possibility.

You can’t quit now.

You are so much closer than you think.

Once you get over the horizon, I encourage you to commit to sharing the tips, tools, techniques and resources that have helped you to overcome adversity.

It’s important to provide the guidance to others, to be the light.

I have survived multiple things. More times than I care to admit, I thought the problems would never go away and I didn’t think I was going to make it through. Thank goodness that the whisper in my heart told me if I just kept going, just one step at a time, that I would get there.

This is what you must remind yourself: You must keep going.

As you keep going, you will see that more and more customers and clients are drawn to your radiating energy of growth and positivity.

When you feel good and do not come from a place of scarcity or lack, you are open to sharing information because you know that as you give, more will come. You recognize the truth that the universal has abundance for all

We have all come across those business owners who operate from such a deep place of fear that their scarcity mindset seeps into everything they do and they are too scared to share anything.

However, I trust that you will be different.  You know the truth – that sharing from a heart space with integrity, vulnerability and transparency opens the door to more clients and opportunities.

You know that when you help other people, they can’t wait to tell everyone they know all about you. This is the mindset of business abundance, which is the opposite of what most business people and books will tell you.

Think of the last thing that you were really excited about, something that changed your life for the better? Did you immediately tell someone about it as soon as you could?

Of course you did!

That is the position you want to put yourself in.

That is the position you deserve to be in.

That is the position the world needs from you.



With love always,