Are You Over-giving and under-receiving?

Quiet as it is kept, many entrepreneurs find it a daily challenge to reconcile the conflict of intellect and emotion. We are socially conditioned to think that if we are educated and/or dress and behave in a certain manner, it will be easy to attract clients.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I was a straight A student who did not understand people and their personalities, so obviously this affected my income earning ability.

I  spent an ungodly amount of money “educating” myself as I struggled to consistently monetize my entrepreneurial efforts.  I was constantly over-giving, over-teaching, over-delivering, overwhelmed and under-earning.  My breakthrough came after I collapsed under the weight of religious views, marital responsibilities, parental caregiving, societal projections of perfectionism, and feelings of guilt, shame and worthiness.

This awakening was a reminder to stop spinning in/out of perfectionism, people-pleasing and proving. No more protecting a fragile ego, proving my value/worth, hiding my true personality and defending ignorance and under-earning. No more of the belief that my net worth was my self-worth.

This wake-up call affected every area of my life and business.  I gave myself permission to invite family, friends, clients, to join me in  the “I am enough” movement. I refused to be locked and loaded with beliefs that I cannot be, do, or have enough. I encouraged them to do the same and if they didn’t, I distanced myself so that I could accomplish and achieve my goals.

From an integrity perspective, I learned how to talk my walk AND walk my talk. The single decision supported my efforts to be congruent and authentic.

I now teach my clients that their three most valuable assets are their time, undivided attention and intellectual capital. 

My clients bring incredible value to the table and I believe in them and in the beauty of their dreams.  I teach my clients that when people work with you, you must price accordingly because of the time element and direct drain on your intellectual property.

It took me a LONG time (almost ten years) to get up the confidence to say to a prospective client:

“The investment to coach with me for the first 90 days is $_____.  Your investment includes SIX sixty-minute sessions and email coaching if I can answer the question within 10 minutes and it does not require massive amounts of research. You are also allowed two “emergency” calls not to exceed 15 minutes. Also, if I feel that sending an email will confuse rather than clarify, I will pick up the phone ask if you have a few moments. After your initial investment, you are now eligible for a discounted rate of $_____ per month with a deliverable of two one-hour sessions.“

This requires an internal understanding of the value of the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that you bring to your clients.

If you are reading this article, it is because you know deep inside that you’ve been undercharging and over-delivering.

Learn from my mistakes and give yourself permission to own your talent. Always remember that when you provide tremendous value and help people to live, fuller, richer and more rewarding lives, you deserve to be compensated accordingly.

It is important for me to say that I would love to help you grow a successful business, however I will not prostitute myself for a dollar. We are all worth far more than that.

If you are ready to double your income and attract more clients, invest in a CLARITY session today. I'd love to support you in the expansion and growth of your business. 

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash