Amp Up Your Intuition

Hearing the voice of your intuition is super important for your joy and evolution. If you really want to discover what you’re capable of, you have to drill down to the essence of who you are, and you can’t do that without tapping into your intuition.

You discover what makes you different when you discover what makes you you. Instead of forcing yourself to fit a mold, you get to play with the wonders and treasures of your spirit as you unearth them and sprinkle them all over your life and business. You can’t hope to stand out and be successful if you’re not sharp, distinct, and magnetic.

Amping up your intuition takes time and space. You need blocks of uninterrupted time to clear your mind so you can hear your inner wisdom, and how exactly you clear your mind is up to you. I always suggest things like yoga, meditation, and journaling because they give you time to empty your mind and reflect on the present moment.

If you’re the type that absolutely can’t sit still to meditate, a hobby or bout of exercise also helps to get you out of your head and into your body. You want to feel into your intuition, not think into it; thinking won’t get you as deep as you need to go before you reach the pure essence of who you are.

Tapping into your intuition makes you confident in your business because you know what you want and why you want it. If you take the time to discover what feels natural and true to you, you’ll tap into your Zone of Genius and shine with minimal fuss and drudgery. Floundering is often a sign you’re not doing what you really want to do or what you’re coded for. If you have no aptitude for numbers but try to be an accounting hotshot, you’ll shed your body weight of tears in frustration and find yourself stumped at every turn.

But if you’re gifted with words and find a way to capitalize on that, you can be an author, a copywriter, an editor, a speaker, or a speech writer. The point is that you have unlimited room for growth when you use your natural gifts, and your success feels like an upward spiral that just gets better and better because you’re right where you need to be.

When you decide to amp up your intuition, you become an active participant in your life. You’re more conscious of the choices you make, and you pay greater attention to the actions you take. I’ve always found it helpful to ask questions in a journal and keep digging until your intuition rings through loud and clear. This means getting the surface stuff out of the way so your deeper wisdom has space to bloom. You’re basically coaxing your spirit out to play, and forcing yourself into a corner won’t get you where you want to be. You have to be calm, patient, and open to what comes up. Second-guessing your intuition is a sign you don’t trust yourself enough to admit to and accept your gut instincts, and it’s a real hindrance to stratospheric success.

Amping up your intuition is discovering your truth and acting on it. Taking the time to reflect and listen to your inner wisdom gives you the roadmap to the joy, love, and abundance you seek, and the more tuned in you are, the clearer your path becomes. You make better business decisions and give stellar service because you’ve found rocket fuel right at your fingertips.

It’s important to realize that intuition isn’t woo-woo New Age nonsense. It’s simply a factor that determines how good you feel about yourself and your business, and whether or not you’re fully exploring what you’re capable of. Much like daily visualization spurs people to greatness because they see what they want and go for it, intuition spurs you to greatness because you’re plugged into your truth, your desires, your dharma. Knowing why you’re uniquely placed to do what you want to do frees you to stamp your magnetic personality all over everything you do.

Again, you need to clear your head to hear your intuition. There’s a lot of white noise in the world, and you can’t sink into contemplation without emptying your head of said white noise. The many distractions that prevent deep concentration also prevent the quiet reflection needed to hear your intuition. Calm and quiet make it easier to hear your gut loud and clear so there’s no doubt you’re hearing the real thing.

How do you know you’re hearing your intuition? It feels freeing, empowering, and right. It fills you with energy and makes you eager to explore what’s before you. And most importantly, it’s truly healthy for you in every way. Your Soul wants what’s best for you, so if you’re drawn to something unhealthy for you, that’s your mind trying to muscle in on your intuition. Pay attention to how your gut feels, what your instincts are, and how the feelings flow through your body. If you don’t feel buoyed and strengthened by your intuition, you’re still trapped in your mind somewhere.

Amping up your intuition is ultimately about self-trust. You can learn a lot from other people and external resources, but your brand of wisdom only exists within you, and if you don’t tap into it, you’ll never know what it has to offer.

Your inner wisdom is the laser that cuts through apathy and mediocrity, and you have to turn it on to get its full benefits. Stumbling through the world doing what doesn’t feel true and freeing to you is the fastest way to despair, stasis, and numbness, and that’s not what you’re here to feel, is it?

Trusting yourself enough to listen to your intuition is trusting yourself enough to build your dream life. You need to know you really believe in yourself, and acting on your inner wisdom is a huge way to prove that. Remember, your intuition should feel freeing, strengthening, and totally healthy for you. You can’t become a superstar without trusting your uniqueness enough to let it out in everything you do, and you can’t build a business you love without being true to yourself.

When you trust who you are and what you want, you trust that you can succeed at what you want to do. Bringing your dreams to life takes faith and courage, and if you don’t trust the source of those dreams, you don’t believe they can really happen to you. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that you won’t get very far with that attitude, so self-trust is vital for forward movement.

Tapping into your intuition daily gives you the creative edge to do your best work, deeply nourish your spirit, and build a thriving business that makes you feel good all day, every day. Trusting yourself to act on your inner wisdom gives you the momentum to leap over obstacles and come up with creative solutions to thorny problems.

Gift yourself the time and space to plug into your intuition often enough to make a difference in your life and business, and watch yourself soar.

Photo by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash