Making Yourself The Obvious Choice

There are millions of sites on the Internet. If you Google people who are in your industry, I bet you would find thousands of people with service offerings.

For many people, this is intimidating, but I promise you that it is possible to stand out and make yourself the obvious choice.

Anyone who has been following my advice for a while knows that I believe authenticity has no competition. This is not easy for everyone to acknowledge since so many people remind us that business is competitive and that we have thousands of competitors.

When you first begin your business, it can definitely feel crowded. There are many people who dominate the specific market you are in and it can go feel slow as you try and build a name for yourself.

When you stick to what you believe instead of trying to copy someone else, this will put you far ahead of everyone else. Most people are already trying to copy the big names in your market, so do your own thing.

If you are inauthentic, you will eventually get discovered and called-out, so it is best to stick to what you truly believe from day one.

Every day, people are inundated with marketing messages. It is important to make yours stand out above everyone else.

Here are my recommended ways to make you stand out in your market:

1. Understand your buyer’s needs.

People need to be heard and understood. Most business owners focus on themselves instead of how they specifically help their clients. If you put yourself in the position of your client, you will better understand their needs and what they want from you.

A great way to get started in this is to talk to people in your target market specifically. Find people online or in your community and ask them out for a coffee. Tell them that you just want to find out more about them instead of pitching them anything. This will get them to be more open and discuss freely.

2. Outline specifically how you help them.

What ROI does your client receive by choosing to work with you? Take notes of what your clients give you for feedback. Do they feel happier? Did they make more money? Did their business grow?

Collect these points along with specific testimonials to put on your website so people can see what kind of results they will be getting.

This is particularly important if you sell a service as opposed to a product. It’s harder to put specific ROI on something intangible, as it is something tangible.

3. Keep your clients in the loop.

If you come across new ideas that could help their business, forward it on to them. This positions you as an authority in your specific area and also reminds them that you have the newest knowledge of your industry.

4. Publish work in your specific niche.

Along with keeping your clients in the loop, if you have a website or are on social media, you must stay current with the news of your industry. If you stay current with the news and also offer your own professional opinion on it, people will begin to see you as an authority and you will be the first on their mind when it comes to hiring someone.

5. Collaborate with influencers in your industry.

Many people will judge us based on whom we associate with so if you can get your names in with some big people in your industry, people will assume you are just as credible.

Of course, it is up to you to do the job to the best of your ability so you create a huge network of people who constantly say good things about you.

6. Always talk to them in their specific language.

Avoid at all costs using the language of your own industry. Avoid business jargon. Use the language that your clients specifically use. This will make them feel like you are specifically talking to them and you understand them on an intimate level.

One great way to do this is to make notes during client discussions of specific words they use and integrate them into your marketing materials.

7. Remind people of the solutions you provide.

Many business owners always feel like they have to do everything on their own. Studies say it takes about five interactions for people to finally buy something. Remind the people around you that you can solve their problems faster than it would take them to figure it out on their own.

This is also where the importance of sharing clients’ testimonials comes in. This reminds them that you are someone who is actively solving problems for many people. It always makes you look credible since other people trust you.

8. Market only to the people whose lives you truly desire to impact.

You don’t need a million clients or customers. You only need a select few who truly believe in you to make a wildly successful business. This will help you tailor your marketing message only to the people you need. This will also help you find where they specifically are.

For example, you aren’t looking for business owners, you’re looking for business owners in the New York area who need help with their e-mail marketing software.

9. Make sure people see who you are.

Too many sites out there don’t have a single picture of the owner. Although our world is becoming increasingly technological, we still crave human connection.

Put up pictures, interviews, videos, audio clips, podcasts or any other media where people can see you and get a feel for who you are. People do business with people they like and trust.

10. Stick to what you know and like.

Sure, your competitors are probably offering different services, but don’t worry about what they are doing. If they offer phone consultations and you want to do in-person presentations, just stick to what you like doing. Plus, you want to stay away from what everyone else in your market is doing. This will show that you are different and it will get attention.

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash