How to Separate Tire Kickers From Paying Customers

Not everyone sees the world as you do. I know that’s not news, but if you’re like me and the wonderful people I have the privilege to work with and for, you can use a reminder every once in a while.

Case in point, I do not like my time wasted so I’m definitely not the one who tries to waste yours. I do not call up coaches and/or consultants, ask 10,000 questions and then when they extend the offer to invest, respond with “I don’t have any money right now.”

Before I ever pick up the phone, I’ve read your books or newsletter, watched your videos, listened to your audios, attended your live events, etc. I have a general idea of your rates because I’ve been following you a while, therefore when I call, I’m ready to either pay in full or make a payment arrangement.

Why? Because the people that I am willing to invest in are “shining stars”. They allow their heart, wisdom and radiance to be felt and known from millions of miles away.

I can clearly see that they can help me solve my problem and they don’t have to “prove” anything. When I call, I don’t have to pretend to have my life, business and relationships together. I’m calling them because I’m ready to take ACTION on solving my problem. There are no hoops for either of us to jump through or over. This is how I show up in the world so it’s easy to forget that not everyone treats time, undivided attention and intellectual property with the same respect.

Information alone does not bring about  transformation. ACTION is required if you want to create the life + business that you desire and deserve.

If you’ve been offering FREE strategy sessions and not getting the desired results … STOP.

Fine-tune your sales process by completing the following prompts:

:: I have 3 ways of qualifying prospective clients. They are ______, _____ and ______.

:: In my sales copy, I tell prospective buyers, this is for you if ____________________.

:: In my sales copy, I tell prospective buyers, this is NOT for you if ________________.

:: The most common questions and/or objections that people have to investing in my products and services can placed in a FAQ section on my website and/or ___________. 

Once you do this, stand 100% in your personal power. Everyone with a pulse and money in hand is NOT your ideal client.  

The LAST thing that you want or need is to spend all of your time trying to prove that investing in you is a great idea.

You deserve peace of mind and clarity of thought.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of setting up  systems in order to reduce and/or eliminate the frustration of dealing with low-ballers, lookie-loos and tire-kickers.

Let me know how much time, money and energy you saved using these prompts. Thank You.

Photo by Alexa Mazzarello on Unsplash