Declare Who You Are and Why Your Work Matters

When I was a child, my parents taught me that the number one life skill to master is an understanding of people and their personalities. They shared that once you have an understanding, you can easily see how to best support them in the achievement of their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

I’ve discovered that in order to better understand others, I must make a commitment to understanding myself. This is why I love the mantra “Know Thyself”, which  is inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

The “way” to accomplish this lies in the strengthening of two skills (1) writing in a way that opens hearts and expands minds; and (2) speaking with clarity, brevity and authority.

The beautiful and extremely talented copywriter, Alexandra Franzen, has quite a few tools that have helped me in this area. Today, I’d like to share with you one of her wee books entitled “The Great I AM Worksheet”.  I’ve written my responses below. It would be wonderful if you could share yours in the comment section. You see, this will lend CLARITY. I’ve learned – the hard way – that confused buyers do not invest and confused colleagues do not refer.

Kadena Tate’s Great I AM Worksheet Responses

I am a business consultant and marketing strategist.

But really, I’m a business acceleration alchemist.

I am amazing at recognizing talent. Very quickly I can “see” how to help you package and promote your expertise.

And I’ve devoted most of my life to studying how people create conversation, connection and community. I’ve also dedicated my life to helping young girls to look within and see their own worthiness. I do this by physically and financially supporting my daughter’s non-profit Lillie B Girls.

When you work with me, you can expect to learn how to package your talent into books, audio products, video products and multi-media experiences. I will help you to build a media + publishing company that gives you permission to be yourself.

And you’ll probably be surprised & delighted by my level of commitment to your success and how much fun we’ll have together. You will feel loved, valued, respected, appreciated and supported.

My work matters because I give you permission to be un-apologetically you. I help you to craft a legacy that allows you to help yourself and those whom you are meant to serve to live fuller, richer and more rewarding lives.

And I am here to remind you that authenticity has no competition.

My questions for you are:  “Do you believe that you matter? Your words matter? Your life matters? That you can make a positive difference in the community in which you live, work and serve?”

To sum it up? I’m a business acceleration alchemist. I believe in you and in the beauty of your dreams.  If you are ready to expand your paradigm of possibility, then book a Clarity session today!