The Power Of Embracing Discomfort

Would you want your days to be the same from here until forever?

Most of us wouldn’t. We want different days, we want to experience new things, and we want to reach new goals.

Of course, with any growth can come setbacks. With the bad comes the good, just like the infamous yin and yang.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that so much good can come out of a setback. You get to be in touch with who you are and how you can create a better plan.

Discomfort is essential for the growth of your business and also who you are as a person.

One thing you must do when you are experiencing discomfort is to get in touch with yourself and determine if you’re doing something that’s truly out of alignment with who you are as a person and your ultimate vision, or if you’re just experiencing growing pains.

This will require some soul searching and maybe some vision planning to get back in touch with your true soul’s alignment.

Here are some great reminders for when you are experiencing the discomfort of growing pains:

  1. Ask yourself, “What is the lesson here?” Focusing on something you can learn and grow from will help you take the discomfort and spin it in a positive light.

  2. Spend some time on feeling good again. Get a massage, go out for a girls’ night, go for a long walk, just do anything where you can bring yourself back to the present.

  3. Refocus on your main mission in life. Why are you growing as a person? How is this getting you closer to your ultimate vision?

  4. Embrace gratitude for the discomfort. Combating a feeling like discomfort with gratitude can make the negative feelings leave your body.

If you need some more clarity and can’t seem to get out of the discomfort, I created Cultivating Courage , a 100 day journey, for people specifically like you.

Leave a comment below sharing a period of your life where you experienced discomfort and how you grew from it.

Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash