Managing Information Overwhelm

Do you overanalyze?

Many of us are stuck in perpetual student mode. We overthink, over strategize, and end up stressing ourselves out from not having clarity.

The world we live in makes this energy far too easy to stay in. The Internet and the whole world are right at our fingertips, so we research and study endlessly.

This only leads to a backlog of books, articles, webinars, videos, and every other type of resource.

Instead of taking action, we spend time studying and learning. We think that if we just read one more article, we will somehow stumble upon a breakthrough.

Sometimes what we need to do is actually apply that energy to taking some small baby steps.

I’m not saying to stop learning. Learning is one of the great joys of life! All I’m saying is that some days you need to focus on applying all of the wisdom you have accumulated through your research.

Here are some ideas to support you when it comes to dealing with information overwhelm:

1. Take action!

Today, I want you to focus on taking action on one item you have been putting off due to needing more research.

  • Maybe you want to write an eBook.

  • Maybe you want to create an audiobook.

  • Maybe you want to host your first webinar.

All of those things have baby steps you can take today to get yourself one step closer to finishing.

2. Don’t research until you have taken action.

If you start to research, stop immediately. Promise yourself that you can research as soon as you are done with your first action step, but not until then.

Sometimes when we start researching things, before we know it we have suddenly lost half of our day in this mode.

3. Consider hiring someone.

Sometimes in our desire to do everything, we underestimate how much time we could save by just hiring someone to do a task.

For example, if you have a whole outline of your ebook done, why not hire an editor or ghostwriter to look through it?

Or if you want to create a peaceful office environment, why not hire a professional home organizer for an afternoon to help you sort through everything?

Hiring someone will not only help you get your project completed faster, but it will also hold you accountable to getting the project done.

This brings me to my last suggestion:

4. Get someone to hold you accountable.

Of course my recommendation is to hire a business or life coach or join a mastermind.

If that is not an option, find a friend or business partner who also has projects they want done.

Have a meeting once a week where you decide what you want to accomplish for the upcoming week. Every single week, report to each other on what you got done.

This will not only hold you accountable for your goals, but sometimes it is nice to have someone to share ideas with. They may see something that you didn’t even notice before.

For many years I was an information junkie. Trust me when I tell you that nothing changes until you do. If you want any area of your life to improve, action is required. 

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