How to Work Around a Creative Block

Staring at a blank screen is common for many creative people.

When you’re not in your workflow, putting words down on paper or on a keyboard can feel like you’re stuck in quicksand.

A creative block can be a small problem such as not knowing how to start an article, or it can also stem from a bigger problem such as lack of passion in your career.

Here are some creative tips I use to get around blocks and get back to building my business:

Writing out what is on my mind.

Sometimes a creative block can stem from having too much on your mind. Take out a small sheet of paper, set a timer for ten minutes, and write down everything bothering you. Don’t judge what flows from your pen, just write. Write everything big and small all the way from relationship problems down to the fact that your fingernail paint is starting to chip.

It’s hard to be creative when worries are filling your mind. Sometimes it helps to even write, “I will deal with these later” at the top of the paper to tell your subconscious that it can let go of these worries temporarily so you can get back to working.

Taking a small break.

Some of the most creative ideas can come during the most seemingly random times. Carrying a small notebook or device where you can take notes will help you capture those ideas you might miss otherwise. If you feel like you have hit a major block, go involve yourself in something active. Go for a long walk, take a shower, play outside with your children, just do anything to take your mind off your work. You might be surprised what ideas come to you when you give yourself a break.

Brainstorm with people you admire and trust.

Set up a brainstorming session with people you know. Sometimes we are all so wrapped up in our own businesses and ideas that we can’t see the forest from the trees.

You could also come brainstorm with me. Hint! Book a Clarity session today!

Give yourself permission to embrace your imperfection.

Many people suffer from perfectionist energy and it keeps them from creating work because they don’t want to release something unless it is “perfect”. Remind yourself that it is okay to begin something although it isn’t perfect yet. Give yourself permission to create some messy drafts and take it from there.

Getting started and busting through creative blocks is essential to creating a business you are passionate about and that serves others. There is no good that can come from keeping life-changing ideas all to yourself; it is your duty to share them with the world.

The world is waiting for the gift that only you can give.

If you really feel stuck, maybe it is not what you love.

Sometimes we can get so stuck in feeling like what we “should” be doing that we forget to listen to our own inner calling about what we actually want to do.

What have you done to get out of a creative block? Share your process in the comments below!

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash