How to Plan an E-course

Creating an e-course is one of the best things you could do for your business. You take all of your knowledge and information, package it into a great deal, and provide it at scale to your audience.

Most people think, “I don’t know anything worth selling” or “I am not a teacher so I couldn’t possibly teach something.” Don’t sell yourself so short! What you know is extremely valuable and could absolutely benefit your customers.

You may think that your market is oversaturated with e-books, e-courses, blogs, etc., but like I always say, authenticity has no competition because no one has the same stories from your life that you do. What you could teach would be 100% unique because you would do it in your own way.

Where do you begin? 

What do you want to be the end result?

Knowing where you want your customers to end up after going through your e-course is the most essential step. Do you want them to understand Pinterest? Become a better writer? Have their business up and running? Have a clear life vision?

Take a moment and write out the before and after of your customer so you know the end result you want to guide them toward.

Your own journey.

If you could sit down with a younger version of yourself, what would you tell yourself? What guiding factors of wisdom would you want yourself to know? What shortcuts would you give yourself?

These little nuggets of wisdom are the very essence of what will set your e-course apart from the other products out there in your industry.

Master outline.

This is the fun part! You take all of your experiences, ideas, and vision and start to put them into chronological order. Structure them like you would teach a class how to learn the new subject matter. Don’t judge yourself at this stage, just keep focused on how much value you will be bringing to your customers.

Try a lot of different mediums for your course too. Try some video, audio, emails, workbooks, webinars, Facebook groups, or anything else you can think of.

Trial run.

Find people you trust to review your e-course at a discount. Tell them upfront that it isn’t completely finished, but you want them to go through it and see if they get the results you hope they would.

The most important part is to have people who would actually buy this product test it out. Don’t just have people in your industry try it out if they are not your target market.

Adjust to the feedback.

At this point you should now have excellent feedback to know how to adjust your course. If you still don’t feel finished, find a new group of people to go through it, only this time at a slightly higher rate.

Keep cycling through until you feel comfortable enough to share your gift with the world. Collect testimonials as you go, too! They will be invaluable to your sales page later on.

 Have you ever created an e-course before? What tips do you have? Leave your answer in the comments below!