Getting Unstuck

Sometimes you can get so stuck with thoughts and feelings about what you “should” be doing that you forget to listen to your own inner calling about what you actually want to do.

I believe that you …

… cannot heal what you ignore and avoid.

… are armed with the courage necessary to eclipse every obstacle and withstand every fear.

… are a woman of phenomenal power. Within you are the gifts, talents, strengths and abilities that will liberate from oppression in every form.

… already have a strong voice to slice through the fog and inertia of complacency.

The question is, of course, “What are you doing with it?”

The first step to getting unstuck is to acknowledge your feelings.  

Below is a template to set yourself free.

When I let myself admit it, I know I have a problem with

When I let myself admit it, I feel


When  I let myself admit it, I think

When I let myself know it, I suspect


When  I let myself enjoy it, I am


When I let myself have permission, I could


The second step is to connect with  the mantra "Know Thyself". Your power lies in recognizing what is true for you, irrespective of the opinions of others. This means that you must become fully present with your "yes" and "no".

Yes, I understand that women have been socially conditioned to be accommodating to the needs of others. The truth is that when you do not honor your heart's desire, you experience the agony of resentment, feeling unseen, unheard and misunderstood.

If you are willing to be honest with yourself, you know that the real reason that you feel stuck is because you are either spinning in/out of self-doubt, perfectionism, people-pleasing and/or proving. This article is your invitation to STOP. I cannot emphasize the importance changing your attitude and behaviors. Yes, change can be challenging, however it is necessary if you want to get unstuck. A wise woman once said to me "Start where you are, with what you have."

Photo by Ashley Bean on Unsplash