Email Signature Template

How do you end your emails? Sincerely? Yours truly? Regards? Best wishes?

I’ll tell you a secret: they’re all BORING.

Tap the snooze button and take a nap, ’cause that’s how people treat those phrases—utterly forgettable and nowhere near good enough for you.

Let’s whip up some personality!

Step 1: The outro

With excitement,

Until we write again,

Love, crystals, and iced green tea,

Sunshine & Starbucks,

Many blessings to you,

With wiggly anticipation,

With highly caffeinated appreciation,

See the trend here? Make it fun and memorable!

Step 2: Best way to reach you

No need to give them EVERY. SINGLE. OUTLET.

Keep it simple and direct. Tell people the BEST way to reach you.

Is Twitter your playing field? Try this:

CEO of My Company

My Email:

For me, Twitter’s like chocolate to Willy Wonka:

Short, sweet, and to the point, people.

Step 3: Give them a sizzle reel

The last drop of your email sign-off is a digital (and free!) online banner, perfect for shouting whatever you want!

Weave in a short seductive snippet (1 to 2 lines) at the very bottom of your email signature—think of it as a “sizzle reel” for a new HBO series.

You + Me = Magic. Come get some.

Copy so smooth it melts on your tongue. You’re invited.

Service so fast it’ll give you whiplash. Do you dare?

OK, maybe not whiplash, LOL. Write the irresistible truth of your unique offering and leave them wanting more. Seduce your people and they’ll flock to you.

How’re you spicing up your email sign-off? Share, share, share!

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash