Committing To Your Creativity

So many of us have lost touch with our creative selves.

We see it manifest in our business. We blank on ideas for products, blog posts, Tweets, Facebook updates, and everything else we need to launch our business.

Creativity is at the helm of a successful business. You will need to be creative to innovate and manifest things that have never before existed in your industry.

Someone truly in touch with their inner creativity is at peace. They dream of creating masterpieces. They can’t wait to share their art with the world. An audience makes her come alive. She commits fully to manifesting her creative ideas.

If you are lacking a creative vision, there is something wrong.

  • It could be too much stress.

  • You could be comparing yourself to everyone else in your industry.

  • You could be stuck in analysis.

  • I would bet that you are stuck in perfectionist energy. You want everything to be absolutely perfect before you launch it.

  • Perfectionism is a trap that keeps you feeling inadequate, unworthy and undeserving. . There will always be changes and improvements, but accepting that fact that can be hard.

  • You feel like you will be judged if it is not 100% perfect. The thing you must understand is that the longer you wait, the more you are depriving the world of your knowledge and your positive energy. The things you know could change someone’s life and you cannot hold that kind of knowledge in your own brain. You must share your knowledge and creativity with the world. You must embrace the idea that you and everyone else is perfectly imperfect.

Your brand thrives on creativity, so you must make sure to get in touch with that part of your brain.

Here are some tips to get back in touch with your inner creativity:

  1. Do something you used to do as a child. Whether it is stare at the clouds, paint, draw, read comics, whatever it is.

  2. Brainstorm with a friend. Bounce ideas off each other. Sometimes being around someone creative can bring out your inner creativity.

  3. Go somewhere that inspires you. Maybe it is an art museum, a pretty outdoor space, or a quiet space in your house. Just go somewhere inspiring.

  4. Try meditation. Sometimes clearing your brain of all of the mental clutter going on will bring about a new sense of peace and quiet so you can get creative again.

  5. Do something outside of your normal routine. Try a new coffee place or new route to work. It might shake up the parts of your brain that have been stuck in a rut.

  6. Try a new hobby. Just like shaking up your daily routine can help, starting a new hobby will awaken parts of your brain that you haven’t used in quite some time. It is not often that we are throwing ourselves into new situations to learn from.


What I know for sure is that the sooner you embrace everything in your life - the good, bad and ugly - the sooner you will experience success.  You ARE a creator and within you lay acres of diamonds. Step into the creative abyss and emerge with the treasures of your heart. The world awaits your creative genius. 

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash