Changing Your View on Teamwork

When people think of competition, normally they get stressed out.

I am asking you today to see competition and teamwork in a different light.

Creating a team for your business can be an incredibly enlightening experience. To have people who are all on the same page moving forward can transform your business into the enterprise you have always dreamed about.

If you are going to build a successful business of any kind, you are going to need to think like an athlete.

An athlete knows how to manage and lead a team. They know their own strengths and weaknesses and put themselves in a position to maximize their strengths.

You are going to need to manage people in your business. You will have clients, customers, a graphic designer, a writer, an assistant, a virtual assistant, a sales team, and so on. Each one of them will be a part of the team you are trying to build.

You will need to communicate your vision as clear as possible, just like a coach does for his team in the season. The success of the team will be up to you. A good athlete also knows who fits into their team and who doesn’t. You will need to connect with this inner guidance to feel out people who come into your circle. Not everyone can be a part of the team, but the right ones will change the game for the better for your business.

An athlete also always understands the competition. This does not mean they fear them, this means they understand where they stand and how they can improve to win. They also know where their competitors are strong and weak.

The legendary athlete always also plays fair. Business is no different. If you want to be a big deal in your industry, you must always operate with integrity. If you operate under any other circumstances, you will get found out and exposed. Always stay on the right side.

An athlete knows to maximize the intellectual capital of the people around them. This is why they have a team of trainers, nutritionists, chiropractors, or whatever else they need to maximize their strengths and focus on the things they know best.

For you to save time and to build a six-figure brand you are going to have to focus on your strengths and hire people to do the other things that need to be done.

As your business grows, you will also have to channel your inner guidance to keep focused on your own health. We all know far too many people who focus on their business so much that their health suffers.

If you health suffers, you will need to take all that money you have worked so hard to make to pay for those medical bills. This is the last thing you want! You want to spend that money on that vacation, financial freedom, and anything else your heart desires! Not to doctors.

Not only is your physical health important as an entrepreneur, but your mental health. A lot of athletes spend countless hours visualizing. Create a vision to attach to and visualize it as often as you can.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels